Opps, I left the lights on... what should I do

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Caligreen, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Caligreen

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    So, I put two 75 watt floros I am using for side lighting on a timer and set it incorrectly. The lights were on for an extra 8 hours... I am planning to just skip tonights "light/day" and leave the lights off untill tomorrow when they would normally come on giving the girls over 24 hours of darkness. Is this the best way to prevent stress or should I just fire up the big light as normal in a couple of hours. The plants are about 5 or 6 weeks into flowering.
  2. StankyGreenBush

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    When this has happened to me I've changed the schedule without any problems. So if I started with a schedule of lights on from 8am-8pm and then one day i accidently left them on until 11pm then I wouldn't turn them back on until 11am the next day. From then on out my schedule would be 11am-11pm. I definitely wouldn't want to try this more than once with a plant during flowering, and I'm certainly not saying that there is no chance of this causing a problem...I'm just saying it's never caused a problem for me. And if your setup doesn't have the ability to block out natural daytime light then changing the schedule isn't an option.

    I'm interested to hear what other people have done when their schedule has been thrown off by mistake.
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    Any other info on this? I'm pretty sure my lights were on for well over 18 hours due to a problem with my timer.
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    Just go back to your usual schedule, not to worry.
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    Flowering hormones are a response to the Dark Period, not the photoperiod. Interrupted or shortened nights are much more of a liability than too much light.

    Make sure they get their 12 hours of dark and everything will be fine.

    I know it's old, but I'm bored and feel like talking, lol.

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