Oral consumption of cannabis.

Discussion in 'Edibles' started by NGC1300, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. NGC1300

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    Is it possible to get just as high through oral consumption as you do when smoking?
  2. Revanche21

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  3. AbrandnewL

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    That graph is completely inaccurate. You get SO much higher off of edibles than with smoking. Smoking a gram vs. eating a gram..no comparison
  4. Revanche21

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    Well its spread out over a longer time period so your peak isn't as high as smoking would
    however, smoking does destroy a lot of THC before it reaches your lungs

    I prefer smoking so I can control the duration more
  5. Coelho

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    Yes... in fact, is possible to get FAR higher than smoking... but the effects of eaten cannabis takes much longer to kick in (hours) and lasts much longer (sometimes more than 24 hours). Also, it takes a much larger amount of eaten cannabis to reach the same level of highness you could get from smoking.
    Like, if you eat 1g of cannabis you would get a high far less intense (but much longer lasting) than if you smoked this same 1g. But, if you eat like 3-4g you could get the same level of highness (intensity) of smoking 1g, but lasting WAY longer.

    Thats a nice graphic! I got a graphic like this one when i did make a mathematical/pharmacological model of the cannabis absorption by the body, and compared smoked and eaten cannabis.

    Well... usually smoking is one of the most wasteful ways of ingesting THC, as a lot of THC is burnt away, a lot of it goes (literally) "up in the smoke", etc... so it may seem that eating is indeed more efficient.
    Yet, its not true. I do smoke (and sometimes eat) hash oil, which is one of the purest forms of THC. I smoke it in an way that has virtually NO waste, so all THC in is is absorbed. And i noticed that smoking is indeed FAR superior to eating. When i smoke it, i need only a very small amount of it to get high (as all of it is inhaled without ANY waste), but when i eat it (properly "cooked" into any suitable food) i need an amount some 10 times greater than i smoke to reach the same level of highness. So, when there is no waste, smoking is indeed way better than eating.
  6. IAmKowalski

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    Absolutely - in fact you can get much higher for much longer. It is also a lot more efficient - the bud that you might smoke up in a week will probably produce enough oil to keep you stoned for a month.

    The math looks something like this:
    :)eat::eat::eat::eat: = :S5:) <------<<< :thumbsup:

    Baked Goods Are Nice :D
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  7. trinitybound

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    Edibles are great, it's easy to eat too much though and you'll end up with a hangover headache. The high is very different from smoking almost like taking a pain pill.
  8. trinitybound

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    Also when you go poo, it smells like cannabutter:thumbsup:
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  9. dragonrider

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    Absolutely! The highest high I have ever had has been from edibles. You can get TOO high and very uncomfortable if you don't dose it right. Check out the Recipoes subforum and the Medicated Edibles subforum for recipes, techniques and ideas. I like Green Dragon, and I have made brownies from canabutter. Both work great!
  10. Immolation

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    Thats What I would worry about, The Doses.I don't want to have a Freak Out because I consumed Too much.We all have different tolerances.:stoned:

    The best you could do is follow other peoples cooking guidelines when making your Own see if its too much or too little.
  11. flyingimam

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    prefect high: Make the perfect brownie - eat it - jump start the process by a few smoking hits of a joint or bowl about 20 minutes into digestion - wake up trying to remember what happened.:D:thumbsup::jointsmile::D:stoned:
  12. dragonrider

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    Some of the good recipes, like Master Wu's thread on Green Dragon give some outlines on how to start out figuring the doses and how to fine tune it going forward. It's a littel bit tricky because the high is different and comes on slow. So you don't want to eat one brownie, be an hour in and think it's not working, then eat the whole pan and go into a 4-day coma.
  13. WhiskeyTango

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    Flame ons gotta good one too!
  14. Immolation

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    Thanks Dragon Rider, I'll Err on the Side of Caution for any Edibles for myself.
  15. Neko150

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    It's simple to guage when baking yourself, but otherwise can be difficult to guage.

    Example: Amsterdam, you want to eat a nice edible a few hours before your flight back home. Very tough to know how much to eat, sometimes the shops will tell you how much is in the edible but will lie, etc...
  16. VapedG13

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    easy oral injestion.....1-2 gs dry crumbly weed, 1 cup milk, 1 cup water

    Crumble up the weed by hand, mix the milk and water together on a stove over med-low heat, add the weed.... bring to a low boil then simmer 20 min.

    use a juice strainer to remove the herb..... pour the mixture into a mug through the strainer.

    Add a tea bag.... some honey or sugar.... down the hatch as it does taste green/weedy:D.

    About a hour or so later the body high kicks in and your high for 6-8 hours

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