Orange bud cfl+led hydro

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by Wagonweed, May 11, 2016.

  1. Wagonweed

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    So to celebrate the the harvest here's a slide show! You may need up the quality if not at HD

    I call it the long journey since the grow spanned 3 seasons lol

    Last post until I get final weight and smoke report. New journal starting soon.
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  2. Wagonweed

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    Total yield was 80g
    Not good but not bad for my skill of 10months haha. But I don't think I could be disappointed with the end result always being that I get to smoke my own stuff! They were the 5th & 6th plants I've harvested ever. I think I could of went heavier on the nutes and done a better job of eliminating more lower bud sites.
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  3. Wagonweed

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    I started to smoke the second plant now and so far it's terrible. I fucked up somewhere, it's very very harsh and taste is nasty. But the buds smell awesome.
    I screened out some crystal and it's much better but still not great taste. It does get you high though.

    I'll try some buds from the other jars and see if that whole plant is no good. If that's the case I'll make some concentrates.
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  4. OGiesel

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    Bummer, I had the same thing happen to one of my harvests, how did you dry/cure the goods?
  5. Wagonweed

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    Hang for several days whole,then in drying box , then jars.
    Same method as the first plant and it was excellent compared to the second.
    Could be overfeed near end, not enough of a flush or maybe dried too much before jars. Not really sure got to try and think about what I may have done.
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  6. Wagonweed

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    I showed the buds to a grower friend. They said they are holding to much moisture still, basically not dry enough for jars. Taste is more cholorphly meaning cure hasn't started or begun. Unlikely it's from overfert, so that's some good news.
    I can and did dry them out more for couple days then back in jars. Tried some again after a week and there's a noticeable difference in smoothness.
    They felt dry the first time I put them in jars. I just didn't pay enough attention when the moisture moved from the center slowly to the outside of the bud.
    I say at least I didn't over dry them completely killing cure, I only delayed it.
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