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    Hey all, was wondering if you could help me out, I'm tryin to educate myself on weed as best I can because they're zero honest dealers around here, they all cross you in a second if it means more money. I recently bought a quarter of some green from a new guy, my second time buying from em. The stuff was covered in orange, so I assumed great bud. Well it turns out that this stuff's no good, I saw very little crystal on it as I broke it up, and it took me about 3 and a half bowls to be done, and one bowl is usually enough for me of the mids I got. So basically I got ripped off from him selling me crap as KB. SOOOOO how exactly can I identify good weed, does all KB have crystal? And what exactly does orange hairs meen, are they THC producing glands, are they more potent that the green part of the bud, or what?

    Also, this stuff seems very indica dominant, dark green, lotsa orange. People say that indica gives more of a body high than a brain high, but I like smoking till im buzzing so hard I cant talk, was I expecting too much from an Indica and missed out on some of the body high or what?
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    Ha. sucks. the hardest part is identifying the KB or beasters. those are the stanard weeds that dealers who want money push.

    i remember when i didnt know so ill help you out...beasters tend to be average looking...some green, a good amount of orange hairs, really fluffy and kind of moist. theyre standard.

    easy answer to good weed: lots of crystals. the more crystals the better. as far as orange hairs vs. green weed, usually the orange hairs are a sign that the bud didnt develop fully, but im holding in my hand some haze that RULES and it still has some red hairs on it, so it doesnt really matter. lime green and crystal COATED is always a good sign....look for small (about the size of keyboard keys) crystal COVERED weed...thats the good stuff. other than that, smoke it and find out hahaha
  3. The Trickster

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    yea, that sounds right, considering this stuff was damp and I had to set it in the sun to dry it out before I wanted to smoke it, thanks a bunch though man, so a bud absolutely covered in orange hairs had potential but was picked too early, right?
  4. Psychonaut28

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    Alls orange hair are are the pistels that were white when it was chopped, so if it was chopped when all the (or most of) the pistels were white, it was chopped early. hope that makes sinse.
  5. m.g.

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    drying in sunlight is never's best to dry in a dark closet and for a little quicker dry open both closet doors a bit so air flows through (or put inside a paper sack and close for 24 hours for an even quicker natural dry). you shouldn't see much color change until after curing but a simple air dry shouldn't have much change.
  6. notrightquite

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    That sounds like it may have been great weed ... that was already used for making bubble hash ... haha, which I've baught once. It sucked.
  7. orangeman

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    The orange hairs are just the pistils that are meant for catching pollen so of course it would have trichomes on them because pollen needs to stick to the pistils when the pistils retract back and produce a seed or w/e but when you get bud just look at it in the sun, it's the best light for looking at bud. When you turn it at different angles you should see the bud sparkle a bit. Also if you dont have alot of those pistils (orange hairs) dont worry, trichomes also develop on the bud's so those can get you high as well. I hope this helps you out, and if you continue to get weed that does nothing to you then go to some one else.

    Also drying in sun destroys the trichomes thus making it less potent so you shouldnt do this :p.
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  8. You cant always judge weed by its look...

    Ive had some schwagg lookin bud but it turned out to be blueberry or atleast had a blueberry flavor

    Dont judge a book by its cover. Buy it, test it, if its shit, dont buy it again...
  9. orangeman

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    Yeah, thats what I was basically trying to say lol.
  10. Jay Matix

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    Yea you really can't tell just by looks

    you gotta smell it (smells potent then usually its good)
    touch (get a very small leave and rub it, if it's sticky it has high THC which is really good)
    smoke it (this is the best way)
  11. orangeman

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    Lol usually I dont have to rub it, when I break it up my thumb usually gets a hold of the bud and when it releases from my thumbs you can feel what was stickiness, I love that shit lol.
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  12. Jay Matix

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    haha yea same here. sitckiness is great. and you know ur gonna get super faded when it's real sticky
  13. rainbows.rsexy

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    ya gotta actually try vap/smoke the bud.....

    ice bud is some of the most obviously tric'd bud, but it is still not as potent as white idow or white russian.

    the orange hair's purpose is to collect pollen from male plants.

    The trics (mushroom looking sacks) are what contain the largest percentage of thc. they usually are clear to white looking and appear as "frost" on many strains of bud from around foot away

    get a magnifying glass and you'll see the "shroom"


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  14. The Trickster

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    Thanks a bunch for the info dudez, How much do you think the sunlight destroys thc? And the bud I usually get is pretty sticky. But quick question on the comparisson of indica to sativa, I thought that the indica weeds didnt get as many trichomes on them, is that true? And if so, does that meen its less potent. I remember reading that indica gets more canabinoids. How much of your high is determined from the other canabinoids sides thc?
  15. orangeman

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    The actual name for the head that contains the THC and shit is called the capitated-stalk..thats the correct term for the head that looks like a mushroom on that makes up part of the trichome gland.
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  16. rainbows.rsexy

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    I don't know about sunlight

    indica supposedly has larger trics....I found this out because one of those bubble bag companies recommended the larger mesh size for indicas

    the only other cannaboids that I have read about have the effect of causing couch lock

    more common in idicas as opposed to sativas.
  17. Heres a classic example of some bud that you cant judge on looks. It looks like just some regs but it blew me away with a creeper high...

    gotta smoke the shit to be sure...

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  18. minnesota man

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    That's great. I found my new background image. I can smell it!

    Nice new av rainbows.rsexy
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  19. 6 grams of some creeper, Id give it at 7/10

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  20. minnesota man

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    HT, I'm kind of freakin. Wanna play some fuggin chess.

    Turtle Shell...I;m havin a ciggy
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