Orange Juice???

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by hvytoker, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. hvytoker

    hvytoker Registered

    I heard that drinking orange juice will bring down your high....

    is this true???
  2. SnSstealth

    SnSstealth Registered+

    I have no sources due to memory loss... lol but ive heard that vitamin-c reduces your high. so... its alot more than OJ.
  3. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Well... i did some experiments with vitamin C and the high, and i noticed that taking vitamin C before smoking increased the sativa mind high, and decreased the indica body stone...
    Yet, i didnt experimented taking vitamin C after smoking, so i cant say what it could do.
  4. ghosty

    ghosty Registered+

    Not true, however orange juice can enhance the trip of certain unmentionables, because of the vitamin C... also if you drink orange juice before going to bed the vitamin C enhances the dream state and causes more vivid dreams, however they also tend to be wierder dreams to as it triggers memories from deeper in your subconcious... try it some time it works, drink like 2 large glasses of OJ before bed and I guarantee you'll have some wild ones.
  5. smok3y

    smok3y Registered+

    Nah dont think it really effects your high dude.
  6. pauldiggity

    pauldiggity Registered+

    Well Vitamin C is esential for the immune system and has known antioxidant effects so it will effect your body no matter if your under the influence of Marijuana, Caffine, Nicotine, or any other substances. Basically, it's good for you no matter if your high or not, but wether it helps bring down a high varies from person to person. peace.
  7. hvytoker

    hvytoker Registered

    Perhaps an experiment is in order...hahaha
    thanks guys.
  8. Kryptonite24

    Kryptonite24 Registered+

    i have heard both. so im not really sure which is true. i have drank oj after i have smoked but havent notice anything really different. so maybe some testing need to be held
  9. FreshNugz

    FreshNugz Registered+

    First - i'm going to try that orange juice and dreams thing.

    Second - heads up to some posters in here mentioning "unmentionables"....i see you joined only this year and perhaps are not familiar with it. But just a friendly heads up stoner to stoner.
    It is against the rules to speak of other drugs on
    Im not a mod I know, but just letting you know before they do.
  10. IanCurtisWishlist

    IanCurtisWishlist Registered+

    orange juice greatly enhances my marijuana high. only because it is tasty.
  11. BlazinKush

    BlazinKush Registered+

    Eating or drinking fruit will bring your high down. So, if you want to bring your high down quickly, eat some fruit.
  12. birdgirl73

    birdgirl73 Registered+


    Folks, just a reminder that we have a cannabis-only discussion policy here. That means you've got to steer clear of talking about other substances in this thread or find a way to refer to them without naming them, please. I had to delete several of the response threads in this topic, which was a shame.

    Here are the board rules again as an FYI:
  13. Sir Bliss

    Sir Bliss Registered+

    I fucking love orange juice.
  14. theMarcovich

    theMarcovich Registered+

    Well I'm not sure either way, but if it does that would explain why they sell a lot of fresh orange juice at coffee shops in Amsterdam. My friend went over there and he said that almost every shop serves oj. Might be unrelated or they could be trying to get ppl. to buy more product lol :)
  15. Euphoric7

    Euphoric7 Registered+

    The dream enhancing vitamin is B6; I remember researching that yesterday for lucid dreaming. ;)

    I find that drinking natural Orange Juice reduces most of the negative side effects of being uncomfortably high. The things I'm referring to are nausea, shaking, passing out, etc (most of which are symptoms of low blood sugar).

    That said, I think it's a good idea to have a cup or two of orange juice after the effects start coming on.
  16. Tox

    Tox Registered+

    Example please. All i saw was how the way other products ingested effect your high. Please.
  17. chrisjd1116

    chrisjd1116 Registered

    One of my friends drank a Odwalla C Monster before smoking and said it made his high so much more intense. He was seeing crazy colors and felt like he was far away from everyone else. I think it definitely enhances your head high.
  18. RobPA

    RobPA Registered+

    How about Grapefruit juice? I know this is a crazy question but after I smoke a heavy indica or somthing that is going to give me crazy munchies I always drink a glass of fresh squeezed Grapefruit juice that I make with my jack lelane(sp?) juice maker. Grapefruit helps curb appetite and I just loooveee how it tastes. I guess its the same deal because It also has plenty of Vitamin C, I never noticed a reduced high but I notice it really helps to curb the munchies and not eat a ton of junk food.

    Heading to Amsterdamn soon so im curious if they also sell grapefruit juice at these coffeshops, wow talk about being in heaven!
  19. Algag

    Algag Registered+

    I am curious about the grapefruit as well. Grapefruit is known to metabolize certain drugs faster, being harmful in some cases. I wonder how it effects marijuana use.

    I tried it the other day, my first time eating a grapefruit in years and all I felt was frustration trying to peel the damn thing. It tasted good but whenever i didnt get all the white skin off of it it tasted real sour.

    Anyone have any experiences?
  20. RobPA

    RobPA Registered+

    cut it in half in the center, then use a grapefruit knife (or any sharp small knife) and cut around each tiny piece, use a spoon and enjoy!

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