Orange leaves...Not sure what to do???

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by joojinkote, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. joojinkote

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    My leaves on my plant are slowly turning orange starting with the first sets of leaves. The plants are 17 days old, I am feeding them grow juice 1/4 per gal once a day. Im not positive about what exactly is causing this can anyone give me some imput so i can get them looking healthy again??

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  2. NoDrugs4Me

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    The very bottom "leaves" will fall off eventually, so I wouldn't worry about them being yellow.

    Your leaves, though, look like too much ferts.... also called nute burn. Are you watering every day? How much water when you DO water?

    Any other information you can provide will help in a diagnosis. :)
  3. dickstareno

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    feed them lots of ph water ,ur cuttings seeds dont need a lot of feed give them time to get in to this world remember its lie having kids these are ur babys
  4. dickstareno

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    water 1 half lt every 2 days
  5. joojinkote

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    1/2 liter ever 2 days per plant?

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