Orange peel and toothpaste

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  1. GrimReefer420

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    my friend just gotback from boot camp cuse hes a dumbass and he said that one of the things they did was spread toothpaste on an orange peell and leave it out in the sun for 3 days. if you eat it its like an acid trip. that what he said.
    anybody else no about this
  2. crudemood

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    i think he's just messing with you, unless its true, i'm an ass.
  3. orangeman

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  4. jonny

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    Ive heard this from differant sources at differant times, but its rubbish.

    They make up science stuff about fluoride binding and breaking down molecules to an active substance or some crap.

    It's all just a trick to get stupid naieve kids to do something disgusting.
    SAme as smoking banana skins or peanut shells.

    It's like making virus' that effect normal peoples personal computers, its just for the sake of being malicious and knowing that somehwere out their because of you someone is suffering.

    It's a load of crap and tastes foul (I was told!!! I tried nutmeg as a young teenager years ago but thats IT.)
  5. OreO

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    i dunno Nutmeg taste foul and SOUNDS like a load of crap but, nutmeg causes you to trip ya never know about this orange peel shit
  6. Big Calhoun

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    Well, look, what it is going to cost you to find out? $2.00? The wrost that happens is you get cleaner teeth, with an orange-y glow and breath. Report back, pronto...

    BTW, I think it's BS and remember, it's bootcamp. The whole idea is to mess your head up.

    Unless you're talking juvenile bootcamp...although, same principle. :stoned:
  7. benagain

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    nutmeg will fuck you up, but smicking orange zest and pith dried up with toothepast is just nasty, back with I was in boy scouts (like 15 years ago), we tried every variation of this trick as well as the bananna peel, penut shells and so on. Other than nutmeg, it's all bs. It'll just make you sick/give you a headache.
  8. Big Calhoun

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    Dang...Troop 420 :thumbsup:
  9. cuziwashigh420

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    Whats nutmeg?
  10. 420mory

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