Oregon Blueberry

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by lpophire, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. lpophire

    lpophire Registered+

  2. MastaChronic

    MastaChronic Banned

    hell yeah dude, oregon has the best weed anywhere in america, even better than cali's
  3. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Damn those pictures look fuckin tasty.
  4. marvelous22

    marvelous22 Registered+

    NIce bud.. How come i didnt come across that wene i went to oregon!
  5. klup

    klup Registered+

    so nice
  6. Motobuds

    Motobuds Registered+

    I want some of that...Looks so nice.
  7. 503Danks

    503Danks Registered+

    Oregon represent.

    I'm in between Portland and Eugene and I got some of the same shit. It doesn't look like blueberry but it is hella fruity smelling.
  8. 2600HERTZ

    2600HERTZ Registered+

    I have been wanting to try a blueberry.
  9. rnichilo

    rnichilo Registered+

    thats quite a bit of real good shit!
  10. nikweiser

    nikweiser Registered+

    vouch for that
  11. nikweiser

    nikweiser Registered+

    i* vouch

    (sorry forgot past 5 mins)
  12. cannaseur

    cannaseur Registered

    yo whats up dude, ha i was in oregon this summer. I went to the Oregon Country Fair. Very unique experience, im certain you've been to it. some guy smoked my friends and i out with some very nice bud

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