Oregon Cannabis Laws: The 2018 Draft Bills Are Here

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    Oregon Cannabis Laws: The 2018 Draft Bills Are Here


    The Oregon legislative session began on Monday. Because 2018 is an even-numbered calendar year, this session is a short session, lasting just 35 days. That fact hasn’t stopped Oregon democrats from targeting ambitious policy objectives like cap-and-trade, along with a host of other items that will likely not get done. As to cannabis, there won’t be much movement, despite persistent rumors and calls for a limitation on license issuances, and the calls for an uptick in enforcement dollars.

    Last year, Oregon kicked off the legislative session with 30 or so draft cannabis bills. This year, we have four. Two of them are likely to go nowhere and two may pass if things go well, but with significant modifications. The aptly named Joint Committee on Marijuana Regulation dissolved last session, which means that cannabis will get even less attention than before. Still, its former co-chair and Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick presides over the rules committee, and for that reason alone, we expect these bills get some play.

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