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Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by epilepticme, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. epilepticme

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    Any recommendations for a homemade organic bloom boosting fertilizer?
  2. LuciferN

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    Here are some link

    There is some post about that in this section:

    Just make a search in the organic section with compost, recipe or any other key word like that, you should get all the info you need. Worst case just send you you're recipe and I'm quite sure someone will comment and suggest for a better mix.
  3. texas grass

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    homeade, you would almost have to compost, the bad thing is it takes forever
    use sources that are high in p and k

    vermicompost(worm compost)is probibly your best bet. make sure your sources are high in p and k.

    if you were to buy from local store high p guanos, rock phosphates, and seaweed are your best bet. make a tea with them.
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  4. stelow54

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    Here is one I like to use. I start with a five gallon container and fill half way with clean water. I use an aquarium air pump and a large airstone to bubble my tea which is made from a couple handfuls of Wiggleworm's wormcastings, a couple scoops of Sunleaves Jamacian Bat Guano, and a couple capfuls of Maxicrop seaweed. You can add a couple spoonfuls of molasses too. I bubble this for about 24 hours and then use it immediately to water my girls.:Rasta:
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  5. epilepticme

    epilepticme Registered+

    Thanks for the replies everyone...

    texas grass I started a nice compost pile for next year! I started the pile with a
    dozen freshwater perch and about 20 pounds of hay and rabbit feces/urine. I will add some stuff higher in P and K before winter. I do believe next years soil will be very nice.

    stelow54 how many plants would a recipe like this feed.
    How long in between feedings... I would be feeding 17 plants of various genetics. my ladies are about 20days into flowering. What purpose do the air bubbles serve?
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  6. stelow54

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    Give it another week before you hit them with this recipe. I have no way of knowing exactly how to water your plants because of all the variables in container sizes and genetics. This could easily do all your plants if their in the 1 foot to 1 1/2 feet range just cut with ever how much it would take to water all your plants. Also a good water source is needed and if you are starting with tap water you might need to bubble it alone first before adding the organics. The bubbles do a number of good things beyond adding O2 to the water it brings the organics to life so to speak. :Rasta:
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  7. veggii

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    "Bloom Tea"

    1 gal. water
    2-T Primal Harvest Guano
    2-T Catalyst
    mix & let brew 3 days
    stir / aerate

    (may add kelp or potash)

    good luck :hippy:
  8. Str8jeepin4pack

    Str8jeepin4pack Registered+

    just buy some Top Max from GHBB shit works great
  9. Phillyman

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    need help for soil and fertilizer

    Ive been looking on this site for the past couple days now and i've been seeing alot of different stuff this is my first time trying to grow and im not sure on what type of cheap soil and fertilizer to find at local stores lowes, home depot, walmart, etc... any help would be appreciated thanks
  10. texas grass

    texas grass Registered+

    top soil, humus, compost, and perlite/sand. seedlings just need topsoil/perlite no nutrients

    horticultural mollasses can be used at all times and stages
    high nitrogen for veg, fish emulsion or hydrolized fish
    high phophorous for flower,
    seaweed/kelp meal or liquid can be used for most feedings(good for immune system and had natural vitamins and growth hormones)
    compost tea can be used at all stages of life

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