Organic Gardening in Kitty Litter.

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    Meow are you doing today?

    This is going to be the first of several posts on growing organically in Kitty Litter.

    Yes kitty litter (or Oil Dry),new natural kitty litter, with no additives or perfumes. Get the natural nothing added kitty litter. Unused litter, not from your cats Litter box.

    It is cheap, easy to get anywhere, and provides a neutral environment for your plants. But what is amazing is you can grow anything in kitty litter and it grows very impressive Peppers or anything else
    :)stoned: ).

    Growing in kitty litter is not for the beginning gardener. If you have never grown before try learning to grow in regular soil for a few months and then check back.

    But if you have grown plants of any kind for a few years, I think you will find very good incentives for trying it out.

    Kitty litter holds water well for a long time. When I used to grow I travelled a lot. It was common for me to be away from my plants for 2-8 days.

    Because it holds water well, I would water extra before I left. It was nice not to have to worry about watering. Mobility in life is a priority for my life. I like my growing medium flexible, like I am.

    Kitty litter cuts down on some of the pest problems that you might have growing indoors. It can also cut down on odors in the grow area. But I will get into this in a later posting.

    There are a few things to watch for in kitty litter growing. Remember it holds water really well so you could over water and drown your plants.

    The other thing is if you over fertilize there is no flushing what goes into the kitty litter is staying in the litter.

    Finally because it is neutral you have to understand all of the things that your plants wants. So everything your plant needs to survive must be added by you.

    I prefer organic plants myself.

    So in the vegging state I add:

    Worm castings
    Bat guano
    worm castings
    N-P-K from organic sources. If you are unsure about this read a book or find a source for mushroom compost. (note to mods: I am talking about legal mushrooms, mushroom compost can be bought at most Organic gardening stores.)

    Secondary nutrients that the plant needs. I use Nitron Formula A-35.

    Any hydroponic fertilizer can also be used for feeding plants (Earth Juice, etc.)

    Plants can be germinated in kitty litter very easily as well.

    As time goes on I will post a few photos.

    Fuck chemicals, pesticides and insecticides!
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    more pleez :)
  3. JackdaWack

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    more... what more do you want... very good write up, i have never seen this done, so im impressed to hear that it is successful. i love your avatar, i couldnt see it at first, but i looked closer and hahaha. good tips keep it up.
  4. ericwt

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    Over the next few days I will post some photos of growing in Kitty Litter.

    If you are going to try growing in kitty litter get the non clumping kind. Just regular kitty litter with no perfumes or deodorants. Buy a 20 pound bag of the cheapest cat litter you can find. I usually pay $2.50 or less per 20 lb bag.

    The photos are coming but as I no longer grow in my house it will take some time. Logistically setting this up is tricky. Fortunately I have set up a few friends to grow for their own personal uses.

    I know this is new to some of you but let me assure you it works better than you can imagine. I first learned of this a few years ago. I went to an horticulture show and was floored by a few people selling Peppers growing in small trash bags filled with kitty litter. It floored me.

    At the time I was doing hydroponics and soil growing. The hydro growing was frustrating because of the need for daily maintenance. I felt like I was tied to my plants. It was not uncommon for me to have to leave my house for a few to several days. Things can go bad in hydro quick.

    I was also growing in soil. I kept having pest problems and again I was still tied to the house for watering the plants.

    After the show I switched from soil to kitty litter and have never gone back.

    You can also use kitty litter for a passive wick hydro medium.

    If you are worried about overwatering in kitty litter mix 50% sand and 50% kitty litter. The sand will give you more drainage until you learn how the litter holds water. After you learn about kitty litter growing you will want to use straight kitty litter and organic nutrients.

    Yes there is a learning curve, but remember your plants will tell you when they are happy and when they need water. Just the same if they were in soil or hydro.

    I will post a few photos latter on tonight.
  5. ericwt

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    Hear is a quick photo of some mothers growing in kitty litter. Over the next few months I will post photos from start to finish.

    In this photo you can't see how tall the mothers are. Bad photo, but it shows that growing in kitty litter and organic fertilizers does work.

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    That is just too cool. So it's just no perfume no deodorant no clump plain old cheap dollar store kitty litter? I gotta try this out......:D
  7. ericwt

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    This is my latest post about using kitty litter as a growing medium.

    First come photos.

    One shows a plastic pot with fresh kitty litter in it. It looks really light. When it is watered it looks dark.

    The other shows a seedling growing out of litter. We all know seeds don't need nutrients. So this is straight litter with no organic fertilizer.

    This was done at my friends house some 4 hours away from where I am. We only grow personal.

    More thoughts to come... No more photos. It is a pain in the ass.:smokin:

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    yea hows that go?
  9. ericwt

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    I did not understand your question, aonymity.

    If you can rephrase it I might be able to answer it
  10. aonymity

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    lol sorry just askin how the grows goin with the kitty litter, im intrested to see how it gos
  11. ericwt

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    Well I have been growing with kitty litter for years. It works for me.

    Eventually I will post some finished bud but that is going to be a while.

    I have to take care of my partners and my security first.

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