Organic Nitrogen: Why Cover Crops for Cannabis Cultivation Matter

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    Thursday, August 4, 2016
    Cover crops, otherwise known as Green Manure, offer many benefits for the modern-day cannabis cultivator, with one of the most critical benefits being that of nitrogen fixation.

    According to Allie Beckett from, "Cannabis plants are heavy-feeders, they love their nitrogen. Cover crops, specifically legumes, can create a usable form of nitrogen out of thin air. Legumes have an amazing ability to convert nitrogen that cannot be absorbed by cannabis into a form of nitrogen that is available for your main crop. We surprisingly have an abundant supply of nitrogen all around us, 79% of our atmosphere is nitrogen in the form of N2 gas, however, plants cannot absorb this form of nitrogen. Atmospheric nitrogen requires bacteria or microorganisms to convert the N2 gas into ammonium (N4) or nitrate (NO3) before plants can uptake the nitrogen. Legumes host a specific bacteria that lives on its roots whose sole purpose is to fix atmospheric nitrogen into a usable source and release it into the soil. It’s pretty much plant magic. For grass and non-leguminous cover crops, nutrients are absorbed in the biomass, and once they are turned into the soil, this readily available nitrogen is released, allowing your cannabis plants to feast on a nitrogen buffet."

    Additionally, Cover crops smother and suppress unwanted weed production; they enhanced and stabilize soil, control pests and disease, add organic matter to your soil, stimulate microorganisms, are low maintenance and can grow almost anywhere.

    Cover Crops for Marijuana Cultivation

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