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    here are a few that i found.

    Mr. Soul's Mixes

    50% Pro-mix
    25% perlite
    25% wormcasting

    Mix in a cup of dolomite lime per cubic foot of soil & wet the mix with an organic tea made from dissolving a cup of PSG in a 5 gallon bucket of water.

    Soul's Guano Tea

    -Veg mix
    1 part Peruvian Seabird Guano(PSG)
    1 part high N bat guano
    1 part Earth Worm Casting(EWC)

    @1 cup mix/5 gal H20 every 3rd watering

    -Flowering nute mix
    1 part PSG
    1 part EWC
    1 part High P Guano

    @2 cups mix/5 gal H20 EVERY watering.

    -and yseedling<1 month old nute mix
    1 cup EWC / 5 gal H20 every 3rd watering

    Soul uses a "Tea Bag" and lets it sit in the 5 gallon of water overnight.
    A sock, knee high panty hose or bandana can be used as a tea bag.
    The tea should look like a mud puddle.
    Agitate the the bag in the water vigorously.
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    Three Little Birds Method= 3LB
    40 gallons of used soil
    4 cups alfalfa meal
    4 cups bone meal
    4cups kelp meal
    4 cups dolomite lime
    30 pound bag of earthworm casting....

    Thats the basic recipe
    However we also like to use
    4 cups Greensand
    4 cups Rock Phosphate
    4 cups Diatomaceous Earth

    Recipe # 5
    Fish and Seaweed

    For veg growth
    1 capful 5-1-1 fish emulsion
    1 capful of 0-0-1 Maxicrop liquid
    1 gallon H20

    For flowering
    1 tbs. Neptune's Harvest 2-3-1 Fish/Seaweed
    1 gallon H20
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    Worm castings
    Worm's Way

    Start with a good organic soilless mix with plenty of humus...

    Here are two very good organic soiless mixes...

    LC's soiless mix #1
    5 parts Canadian Spaghnam Peat or Coir or Pro-Moss
    3 parts perlite
    2 parts wormcasting or mushroom compost or homemade compost. Powdered Dolomite lime @ 2 tablespoons per gallon or 1 cup per cubic foot of the soiless mix

    Or, if you use Pro-Mix or Sunshine mix....
    LC's soiless mix #2
    6 parts Pro-Mix BX or HP/Sunshine mix(any flavor from #1 up)
    2 parts perlite
    2 parts earthworm castings
    Powdered Dolomit lime @ 2 tablespoons per gallon or 1 cup per cubic foot of soiless mix.
    If you use a 3 qt sauce pan in "parts" given above, it equals about 1cu. ft. of soiless mix and you just can dump in one cup of the
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    If you use a 3 qt sauce pan in "parts" given above, it equals about 1cu. ft. of soiless mix and you just can dump in one cup of the powdered dolomite lime.

    Guano Tea and Kelp
    Seedling less then one month old nute mix
    5 tbs. of black strap molasses
    1 cup of earthworm castings/ 5 gallon of water every 3rd watering

    -veg mix
    1/3 peruvian seabird guano
    1/3 cup high N bat guano
    1/3 cup earthworm castings
    5 tsp Maxicrop 1-0-4 powdered kelp extract
    5 tbs liquid karma
    5 tbs black strap molasses
    @ one cup mix/5 gallon of water every 3rd watering

    -flowering mix
    2/3 peruvian seabird guano
    2/3 cup earthworm casting
    2/3 cup of high P guano
    5 tbs maxicrop 1-0-4 powdered kelp extract
    5 tbs black strap molasses
    @ 2 cups/5 gallon water every watering
    You can use a queen size knee high nylon stockings for tea bags. 3 pairs for a dollar at the dollar store. Put the recommeded tea in the stocking and tie a loop knot and hang it in the tea bucket. The tea should look like a mud puddle. Agitate the tea bag in the water vigorously. An aquarium pump and air stone will dissolve oxygen into the solution and keep the good bacteria (microherd) alive and thriving. Let it bubble a day or two before you use it. If you find you are making too much tea and having to throw it out, use 2 1/2 gallons of water and cut the nute amount by half.

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    awesome post...thanks so much for this.....everything you need in one handy dandy little note.....
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    moonshine mix

    as seen on and High Times

    Soil mix recipe

    1 bag of FoxFarm Ocean Forrest pottting soil(teal-colored bag-1.5 cu. ft) $17-$25.
    1 bag of FoxFarm Planting Mix with bat guano and earthworm castings (red bag-1 cu. ft.) $15-$20.
    1 bag of Light Warrior High Yeild blend(dark blue bag - 1 cu. ft.) $15-$20.
    8-10 quarts of perlite. ( i prefer the FoxFarm "chunky" perlite, but it can be expensive.)~ $8
    1 cup of FoxFarm Peace of Mind Fruit and Flower Fertilizer (NPK ratio 5-8-4) $7 for a box containing about 15 cups.

    Use a kiddie pool and a regular shovel to mix it all together. I keep a 40-gallon tub of this mix ready to use at anytime.
    The whole mixture adds up to approximately 45 gallons of soil and will fill ten 4- gallon buckets or eight 5-gallons buckets.

    Moonshine's Mix

    This organic recipe provides a soil mix so rich that no additional fertilizers are required during watering. Plain, pH-balanced water is used throughout the life of your pot plant. As the mix becomes depleted of nutrients, three well-timed transplants into larger containers allow plant roots to reach deeper for the newly replenished soil.


    Monitor the pH of the plain water that you use to irrigate your plants. Make sure to adjust it to a pH of 6.5 and allow the soil mix to dry out between waterings. A good wet/dry cycle is vitial to your success- too wet and the plants will drowned, too dry and they will wilt and lose vigor. After a while, you will know by the weight of the container when your plants need to be watered.


    Plants require timely transplanting into larger pots to ensure nonstop growth and foliage development. Rooted clones are planted in 1/2 gallon containers and continue to grow in the veg- state. two weeks later, the plants are carefully moved into 2-gallon pots, where they grow for an additional 2-3 weeks. Just prior to flowering, transplant the plants into 4- or 5- gallon buckets for the duration of the blooming stage until harvest. Always water plants thoroughly before transplanting them to ensure that the soil mix and the root ball stay intact. Longer-flowering sativas(90 days or more flowering) may need larger containers, such as a 10 gallon garbage can with hole drilled in the bottom.
    I've used many other soil mixes, and none compares with my Moonshine Mix. Even the guys at my local grow shop are recommending it to their other customers. The response and the results have been overwhelming. Grow organic!!
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    with the moonshine mix do i need to flush the pots at all or just transplant when nutrients deplete?
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    jRik check your user cp.
    Good luck!
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    i dont under stand half of that
    buy a organic soil mix
    put it in sum foam cups
    after 2 weeks rip the cups apart
    put the plants in there own pots
    then water once every 3days with rain water
    if u can put the pots on top of a sheet of shiny tin
    if u find males rip em out carefully
    in the 6th week feed them with a nutrient rich ferztilizer
    thats how i roll
    i have other things i do but thats the main things u have to remember
    non of that ph level shit
    most fertilizers have a ph level of 6-7 anyways
    pot grows fine with ph levels of 5.5-7.5

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