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    I understand that plants will generate enough heat to be spotted by infared. What other plants may do the same? Such as Corn? Sunflowers or?

    I am only talking about 4-8 plants spread out.

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    where did you hear this?

    i dont think so

    maybe used infared to see grow setups with hid lighting.

    theres no way to see plants unless you physically see the plants growing, or maybe smell it
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    Cannabis plants do give off a different heat signal than other plants. Granted, outdoor grows aren't found via infared as much as indoor grows, but it is done, and it is a danger for lare scale grows. But if you're only growing a few plants, if you space them out nicely, I wouldn't worry about it.

    And word from the growers is that cedar trees give off a similar heat signal, and those can be used as protection from choppers. I think it's cedar trees, anyway. :p
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    Infrared is used to detect large grow houses or large outdoor fields. Large grow houses give a lot of heat from the lights, and large grow fields show up at a certain frequency because cannabis has a very unique heat signature... a very hot one, actually.

    If your growing less then 10 I wouldn't worry about it. Just try to blend your plants in with the natural environment and you should be fine unless a hunter stumbles up on them or something like that. Don't worry about.

    I worry too much, to be honest. I actually bought a motion sensitive camera (the kind that game hunters use) to give me peace of mind. I have it on a tree overlooking my grow. If anything steps in the area it snaps a shot of them and keeps it on a memory card, day or night (infrared flash for no visibility). I have a lock on it so no one can mess with it and erase the evidence. I get pics of deer and rabbits all the time. If I ever see a person in my grow spot... then I know not to ever go back.

    Plus I can always check the memory card before I do work on my plants, so the worst evidence against me if someone is staking the plants out is that I had a camera in the area. Like I said though, I worry to much. Cops (in my state at least) just trash your plants if they find them...
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