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Discussion in 'Other Psychotropics' started by Dick Justice, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. HighOnJen

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    I bought a bottle of Robitussin Cough Gels today and on the package it says, "Non Narcotic formula"...is there a formula with narcotics??
  2. ADaisyChain

    ADaisyChain Registered+

    It's them trying to trick you out of eating them all at once. It doesn't mean anything. I've eaten em on many occasion.
  3. Firebrand

    Firebrand Registered+

    only dam withdrawl sympton there is for weed is that sober life feels boring...
  4. ADaisyChain

    ADaisyChain Registered+

    Sober life doesn't FEEL boring, sober life IS boring. Pessimisn can get you anywhere dearie.
  5. Firebrand

    Firebrand Registered+

    lol thats true...fuck sober life :D
  6. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    Hah, that's the most immature response I could've imagined!
  7. acidtrip

    acidtrip Registered

    I don't mean to be offensive or anything but serves the stupid fuckers right. It's common sense, always research shit before you take it, that way you know what your gonna get,etc.
  8. dark0ne

    dark0ne Registered+

    no shit! any thing is bad for you in mass quantitys, who brought them to the store? who gave them the money? what moron told them to take 50! nice values you're teaching the boy. i would never ever 1. go on a trip ride with people who might throw me out of the van. 2. TAKE 50 OF ANYTHING! remember that drug talk your saposed to have with the kids...... HELLO!? don't blam strangers for YOU'RE mistakes. thank you have a nice day :)
  9. first of all i didn't take the time to read all three pages of this (just the entire first post) the OP doesn't promote it and neither do i. i shall speak from experience, seeing as how i was addicted to these retched little pills for over 2 months and it was an everyday thing starting with 1/2 a box (8) and ending at 2 full boxes (32 pills, everyday for atleast the last 2 weeks) these pills are like a plauge on your mind, i've done dxm by it's self, and there's just something about the cpm that changes everything anyone knows about dxm tripping. it draws you in, you can't stop tripping on them no matter how hard you try. if you do, you go insane, you scratch your skin open, you pull your hair, you bite your fingers (NOT FINGERNAILS) til they bleed. it takes something very major (and not intervention crap, usually all that does is make the person want to do it even more) to swtich this track. when on these, you know the meaning of life, you talk to creatures even people on acid couldn't dream up and they tell you EVERYTHING there is to know. time stops completely (1 second can feel like a week, while a week can feel like a second) and you become a rocket scientist, even now thinking back on those days i want so bad just to do it one more time, but alas i know there will never be one more time, because after that another and another and another just 1000000000000000 1 more times or until my body gives out and can't take it anymore so i quit. i read stories online of how it screwed people's lives for the rest of their life, and i know what i read was true, becasue no one could speak of such things happening unless they had experienced it. About your son (if what you say is true) he is truley stuck in a downward spiral, and until he makes the choice to change (which usually doesn't happen til they hit rock bottom) it will eventually harm him irreperiably. i suggest actually talking to him, not yelling at him, not telling him not to do it anymore. inform him! find stories online of what happened to people, let him see for himself where these can take you. my rock bottom: i had taken 32, and chugged 5 smirnoffs after it (meaning i popped out all 32 pills into my hand, put them all in my mouth at once and swallowed them with a whole beer and immediately chased it within five minutes with four other beers, i then drank the other 7 out of the 12 pack within a couple of hours) the last thing i remember is chatting to two people on AOL, next thing i know i jerked really hard (i had a black out of where i didin't know wtf had happened i had just simply skipped 4 hours of time) and my heart was beating very slowly at first i could feel it, i felt light headed, there was puke fucking everywhere and there i was, i looked in the mirror and i was fucking ghost white. i have no evidence of it but i am almost sure i actually died that night (and if you had experienced what i had you'd think the same thing) and by some miracle i came back to life. i had never had a black out on any drug, and definately not these...while my memory was not all there, i could still account for what i was doing at atleast 30 minute intervals. and btw, according to the time stamp on the instant messages that were open and the idle message (keep in mind the idle message goes away whenever you move the mouse and i used to keep the mouse pad on my lap with a cardboard thing under it) i hadn't talked in 4 hours and hadn't moved in just over 3.5. so this is what happens atleast to me when i get on these. i've read countless other experiences equal or greater to what i've experienced and oso i decided to quit. like i said. i suggest you talk to your son, and get him to inform himself, and learn on his own what can happen before it's too late. and if he seems like he's tripping even weeks after he's says he quit (if he does decide to) more than likely he still hasn't regained all his wits, as even 6 months or more after i got off them i coudln't keep a train of thought, i would sweat like crazy (which would happen when i'd trip on them) i would be disorientated and i'd completely forget i was even talking at some points...all lik ei was still tripping but i'd been clean for months off them. he needs support, not force.
  10. haha

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    haha, listen to your stupid ass. If someone doesn't want to do drugs, that makes them a bitch? You're more of a bitch if you have to be dependent on drugs just to be happy.
  11. death of sXe

    death of sXe Registered+

    Actually, if they dont want to do drugs they are bitches.
  12. wutang123456

    wutang123456 Registered+

    shut the fuck up, its fine to not do drugs, its bitch to tell on someone for doing drugs
  13. ADaisyChain

    ADaisyChain Registered+

    yeah, drugs r pretty cool.
  14. heavymetal101

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    Ecstasy CAN hurt you. Well not E as a whole but some of the chemicals in there are really bad for you. Not bad enough where you do it a couple of times and you die or nothing, but if you do it for a really long time period or something yes it can hurt you.

    E also eats away at your serotonin. The best way to explain this is like this: Every time you trip, when you come down your a little bit sadder than you were before. And this is because that whenever you are on E you use ALOT of the serotonin in your brain all it once. Your brain isn't meant for this to happen. therefore it will never be able to catch up to the sane amount as before.
  15. heavymetal101

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    But i say get as fucked up as you possibly can!! you wont always be in the health conditions you are now, so while you can DO IT!!

    Drugs are great and everyone should expierence them!!
  16. Not Enough Herb

    Not Enough Herb Registered+

    im not saying not doing drugs makes u a bitch, i personally don't care what anyone does, its there own choice.

    im saying complaining makes u a bitch

    if u cant handle them dont do them

  17. WalkaWalka

    WalkaWalka Registered+

    how bout a post on dramamine cuase i would like to know
  18. sugarmagnolia

    sugarmagnolia Registered+

    well do u trip on X, cause u seem to be acting like a bitch, so I suppose your emotions are still working today.
  19. Nullific

    Nullific Banned

    Serotonin levels return to normal with time. I think post-roll depression is some-what psychosomatic. Ecstasy makes people feel so good they figure they have to feel depressed when they come down.

    What do you want to know about dramamine? It is an over the counter motion sickness/insomnia remedy which acts as a deleriant at several times the recommended dose.
  20. TheOtherBrute

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    What eaxctly is serotonin anyways? And what does it do?

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