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    i've heard of people pissing all over people's rooms on dramamine. don't host a dramamine tripper.
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    "Serotonin is believed to play an important part of the biochemistry of depression, migraine, bipolar disorder and anxiety. It is also believed to be influential on sexuality and appetite."
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    I love dramamine....i wish i knew enoug about it to give a truely informative post. You see "real" hallucinations...like talking to people for hours that arent there. you feel like you have a big weight on you and everything is in slow motion. when you move fast you get a numb/rushy feeling....its really hard to talk and your memory is shit. trying to talk to someone is almost impossible, because theres times when you forget what you're sayin mid-word and shit like that......its great fun sometimes, but most people dont really take to it much. sometimes it can make you sick, but thats at bigger doses. first time is usually 12 30mg pills(or a travel-pack of dramamine) the actual chemical name is Dimenhydrinate....im not sure how it works...you would have to ask the wonderful mr erowid on that one.....but i tried.
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    wheres all the trippers at??
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    holy shit dude you havent been on since july where the hell did you come from?
    LOL welcome back dude!
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    Sounds vaguely familiar.
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    long time
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    I've done E more times than I can count over many years, and I'm not screwed in the head. Like with most drugs, its about knowing how to use them safely and properly as well as learning the fine art of moderation :eek:. I didn't do it constantly, more like once or twice a month, but its not as bad as some sources make it out to be. I've had some cut with speed, some cut with mescaline (now THAT is heaven in a pill!) some cut with heroin and so forth. I've rolled on half a pill, I've rolled on 4 pills. The 4 pills were mescaline based (pink @'s I believe) and the worst problem I had was nausea that subsided in a short while. But those were some strong fuckers and I wouldn't suggest anyone who has not built a tolerance to start off there. You may be unpleasantly surprised and entirely unecessarily so.

    As for the Serotonin depletion... regular users should take 5HTP, which is a freely available supplement in any pharmacy or health food store. It turns into 5HT in the body which is essentially Serotonin. The daily maxium dosage should be taken after an E comedown to allieviate the depression that often follows. If you can stomach food, turkey and milk will help too as the tryptophan in both is turned into 5HTP and then 5HT in the body anyway. Continue taking the supplement as directed for about three days after a roll.

    5HTP has an even better use for rollers... taken a couple hours before a roll, it'll enhance the MDMA because the MDMA now has even more Serotonin to explode in your head, making you go even deeper into those fits of ecstacy. :dance: But don't expect TOO much from it, it won't make you feel like you've taken two tabs when you've only taken one. Its simply an enhancer.

    It's not that your brain will never catch up to their normal levels, because it certainly will, its just that it takes a few days. And the constant up and down of the levels of neurotransmitters that regular users create can evolve into something more permanant than a sucky comedown that lasts a day or two. Serotonin Syndrome (which the proper name for the long-term reaction you and I have described) can result from excess use of E, but I've personally not known anyone with that problem except perhaps in people with serotonin imbalances to begin with as in depression or bipolar, for example. If you think you're developing Serotonin Syndrome, you're probably just using too damn much, or you're too sensitive and need to put the shit down and find something a little easier on the brain.

    For those of you who hate the comedown and don't mind hard drugs, meth or coke will immediately end a roll and shoot you straight up, no comedown or anything. I won't say I suggest it (though I used to do it during my weekend long binges) it's just an FYI. Because eventually, you'll HAVE to comedown from one drug or another.

    Peace Out :Rasta:
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    its a dieselboy song
    also theres a member with that name.
    now u know...now u know.
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    Be carefull of baby hawaiian woodrose seeds they lace them with poison to deter people from taking them. They have lsa like morning glory seeds but 8 bhw = 300 morning glories. I hear you need to eat 8 bhws to trip so I ordered like 50. I dont trip easily. I ate 28 not knowing that some are laced with poison. It was the sickest I have ever been. I would dry heave after my stomach was empty for like 16 hours. I thought I was going to die. Any way if it does happen to you drink a 16 ounce glass of water and do the twist till you puke. about a min. then do it a couple more times to wash the poison off the lining of your stomach. It may save your life if you or someone you know is panic prone. Works great for peyote to, for those of us who just cant seem to trip no matter how many we eat. O if you like peyote but not the taste the secert is grind it up and mix it with grapefruit juice. Cant even taste it.
    One love
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    ok please

    update on the whole tripping on Benadryl can someone explain how much to take and if there are different kinds ......i got some in my cabinet and well FREE TRIP if i know how it is done so please reply thanks ya'll
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    Morning Glory / Hawaiian Rosewood

    Both of these seeds contain what is called LSA (Lysergic Acid Amide?). Anyway, the effects are similar to LSD but are usually significantly weaker than a full on acid trip.

    When buying, I felt it was important to mention, check with the vendor to see if fungicides or pesticides had been used on their seeds. You can easily obtain this information if you're ordering over the internet, but if you ask in a grocery store it might seem a bit more suspicious.. you're creative though, figure out a way.. perhaps even read the package.

    I don't really recommend eating the seeds.. I'd rather see you all do extractions and avoid all the sick shit that causes the major nausea..

    SO if you are still planning on doing some LSA you will probably want the rosewood seeds since it only takes around 8 - 10 of them.. then you will want to hit www.erowid.org and then do a search for LSA extraction. There you'll find all the guides and information you need to do a successful extraction.

    I'd really recommend though just eating some shrooms if you're that desperate to trip.. but if you're like me, you have to try once.. :thumbsup:

    Love to the psychonaughts!
    - Silven :dance:
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    Ecstacy is an amazing substance, and that's bullshit about it permanently depleting seratonin in your brain. People say that coming down is like the most depressing feeling ever, but when it happens to me, I'm like a kid getting off a roller coaster I've ridden for hours; kind of a "Awww, man, that kicked ass! Is it over now? Awww..." but I'm still all happy and tired. The next day I'm just content and lathargic.
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    All i have to say about E is my best friend died his fourth time taking it after poping 3 and a half pills. while i have done many drugs, out of his respect i have never touched E. :( rip man
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    lmao at permatripper
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    couple additions.

    1) DO NOT mix dxm and ecstacy. this will cause seratonim syndrom (pardon anything i'lve spelt wrong) because they both have different effects on the chemical in your brain called seratonin. this is very dangerous and it landed a good friend of mind in the hospital, if she hadn't been fopund soon enough she would have died.

    2) dxm is also dangerous to mix with anti-depressents for the same reason. my other friend did this she got quite sick nothing too bad happend cause she didnt take very much dxm.

    3) shroums can be dangerous if you take too much. they have active poisones this is what causes you to hallucinate psybocilin and DMT, and too much can make you quite sick or worse

    4) also (shroums) when taken by a person who is taking anti-depressent the dose will be twice as strong ie. if you take 2 grams it will have the same effect as taking 4 for someone else so be careful.

    5) if you are allergic to the anti-biotic pennisulin you should also be very careful about taking shroums. they are both fungus which are similar in chemical structure. I'm allergic to pennisulin the first time i took two full grams and retched for nearly my entire trip. times after that i'lve felt as if someone were choking me, allergic reaction not too harmful but if i had taken too much i could have stopped breathing (anaflaxis), i normally take about a gram and it is alot more potent in me so get the same out of my trip as someone taking like maybe 2 and a half or 3.

    *shroums in general are fairly harmless yes but still be careful because they can be dangerous, never attempt to smoke shroums it'll kill you.
  17. candy oasis

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    seratonin is chemical in brain which creates endorphins. it makes you happy. alot of e use can deplete your seratonin. it depends on hoe much u use and how often. alot of times e isn't always e as well. if you do a hell of alot it cvan also permanently danmage your seratonin receptors meaning your brain will no longer be capable of storing it (ie. not releasing ti immediately) this is very rare however so dont worry about it too much. what e forces your brain to do is release a whole bunch of seratonin at once (maybe all depending on how much you take and how much seratonin you have, you will have less if you use e very often) If you don't do e too often, you'll be fine. ialso recommend taking a whole bunch of vitamin c the day after as much as you can take. cause that will up your seratonin sometimes to even higher levels than when before you took the e therefor preventing a bad come down. come downs can last a long time if it puts you in a depressed state cause when your mind becomes depressed it tries to not release very much seratonin at all because it thinks it doesn't have enough. this can tak a long time before it starts to function normally again. your body doesn't usually become like this untill after you start using very regularily. once a month is perfect your body has enough time to recover and you will have no dangerous complicatioins but you may not want to wait that long. in this case i recommend you stick to a rule of absolutely no more than once a week.
  18. candy oasis

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    dramine don't take too much of that shit it can give you a really fucked up trio, speaking from the experience of many friends and advisors. but search on erowid, that's one of the best places to go for drug info. it'll give you recommended dosages
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    another way you can take dxm is by putting a bunch of sucrets in boiling water like a tea and then after it dissolves let it settle you can pour out the top which is just sugar the dxm is a white powder you will very easily beable to see that will settle to the bottom so you can our out most of the top and then drink the rest of it (a couple gulps) i recommend puring out the top cause you may not enjoy drinking the whole thing because of the taste also if your not a sugar person and have an empty stomach or something all that sugar may make you feel nausious

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