Ounce of Hash?

Discussion in 'Northern California' started by baysiqq, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. baysiqq

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    What's the usual price for an ounce of hash?

    I'm interested in making cannabis capsules for myself. I figure an ounce will make enough for a pill every day, for a year.
  2. Aristotle

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    Really depends on your state and the amount of connoisseurs/growers in your area. In most of the midwest and east I've heard a gram of hash, sometimes not even bubble, goes for about 30-50 dollars a gram. In places like Colorado and California bubble hash is usually only 20-30 a gram.

    You probably won't get that much of a price break when buying in bulk and a hash dealer may not even have an ounce on him at the time, so you're looking to pay ATLEAST $550, easily more than twice that if you're area has little hash connections. Just use bud, flameon's wonderful capsule recipe allows you to use bud just as easily, even exotic strains will probably be cheaper for you to buy than hash.
  3. w33dsp34k

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    its like 15-20 a gram in Michigan, but I have heard people buying it for anywhere from 25-50 a gram lately.
  4. stinkyattic

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    I just picked up an ounce of bubble for $300- less than the price of dank, lol. As the bumper sticker says: ILOVERMONT. That will keep me happy for the next year, at least, lol!

    What you should look for in hash is that it does not have a musty smell to it. It should smell clean and fresh and spicy. If it smells musty, it either has excessive plant matter in it, or wasn't dried enough before packaging, or both.

    IMHO, making capsules of hash is really quite pointless, since the effort that it takes to process hash drives the price up significantly. As Aristotle said, flameon's recipe is a great alternative, and doesn't require expensive ingredients.

    If you have a wide range of choices for your cannabis products, I strongly suggest asking your brick connection to save shake for you, because it is a very good and economical starting point for all types of edibles, and generally, dealers have a hard time getting rid of shake if their clientele has any sort of standards at all, hahaha!!
  5. Aristotle

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    Over here in Italy its hash heaven, 12 American dollars for great hash(its not considered bubble since its still processed by Moroccans, still good nonetheless) and about $750 for 150 grams. But the downside is we have very little bud, the equivalent of beasters for $25 a gram.
  6. brentxzi

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    Depends on who you know. 200 in nor cal for nice blonde. And yes, it is great for cooking.

    FUNKNUGGET Registered+

    2-300 in nor cal for me, but this is considered a great price.

    people buy it 20-30/gram...
  8. maxsuperdanks

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    The downside is brick dust and other bullshit cutting your hash.
  9. I doubt he has a problem with that in italy thats the germans and dutch. England then gets that contaminated hash/bud not italy.
  10. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+

    Well shit, sounds like I'm going to Italy.
  11. Aristotle

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    Yeah, the farther north it goes the worse it gets. Since Italy and Spain are right above Tunisia and Morrocco, we get pretty good stuff. By the time it gets to Germany it's mediocre and by the time it gets to England it's soapbar. But the farther North you go the more likely there's good bud, so it evens out.
  12. Greenthing

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  13. bayareapurps

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    in nor cali it's 30 a gram of sum GREAT HASH... but 40-50 for bubble hash that is the hsit... bubble hash is cold water hash extracted threw butane... it comes out like plato

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