our ideas on my first grow... would really appreciate it...

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by SFBayArea, Oct 12, 2016.

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    Hey guys,

    My first grow, kind of (did it once 5 years ago). Some of you guys been growing for ages and I was wondering if you can chime in with your expertise on the way I am trying to set up my grow.
    I picked Blue Dream strain as my first grow. I will be growing in a tent -16'x8'x7'. I am about to purchase Platinum LED lights - 8 of P600 lights (that is what Platinum salesperson suggested). I was thinking of situating plants by the opposite (from the entrance) wall giving room for grow - 16'x5' leaving room for walking and tending 16'x3'.
    I am planning on using dirt and veging plants for approximately 5-6 weeks leaving plants for flowering another 8-10 weeks.
    Based on the set up and my plans above, how many plants would you recommend (I was thinking 18 or 20) and how big of a pots to use for the plants?

    Thank you.
  2. gardenermendo

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    Blue Dream likes to grow tall, taller than most. Good choice though. But it's candy for spider mites, for keep an eye out for them.

    The larger the pot, the larger a plant you'll get. I'd use 7 gallon pots. I can get between 14-18 pots in a 4 x 8 area. I have 9 foot height, and with lights, I've had Blue Dream get too tall, so I had to bend over most plants near top, laying stalk down on netting, and they recover and still produce.
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    Yeah you will definitely need support for those plants once they hit a certain size. I would recommend 4-5 per light as a start and next run you can add more or less but really the only way to tell stuff like that is to try it out and get a feel for it. Everybody's space and conditions are different and it'll pay off in the long run to dial yours in and keep it simple. Generally the fewer plants you have the easier it'll be to learn, although it's not that efficient but that'll come.
  4. SFBayArea

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    Thank you guys for your input.
    redtails, you got it right, I want to keep it simple and easy, so most likely I will be going no more then 15-16 plants at this time.
    gardenermendo, thanks for the input on the pot sizes. I was thinking of putting them 5 gallon pots, but you right, 7 gallons are better for the soil grow.
    Question, if I only plan to veg my blue dream for 5-6 weeks, will they still grow as tall as 6-7 feet (I plan on topping them from the get go)?

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