our ideas on my first set up... would really appreciate it...

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    Hey guys,

    My first grow, kind of (did it once 5 years ago). Some of you guys been growing for ages and I was wondering if you can chime in with your expertise on the way I am trying to set up my grow.
    I picked Blue Dream strain as my first grow. I will be growing in a tent -16'x8'x7'. I am about to purchase Platinum LED lights - 8 of P600 lights (that is what Platinum salesperson suggested). I was thinking of situating plants by the opposite (from the entrance) wall giving room for grow - 16'x5' leaving room for walking and tending 16'x3'.
    I am planning on using dirt and veging plants for approximately 5-6 weeks leaving plants for flowering another 8-10 weeks.
    Based on the set up and my plans above, how many plants would you recommend (I was thinking 18 or 20) and how big of a pots to use for the plants?

    Thank you.
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    Please don't duplicate post, I answered you on the other post.
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