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Discussion in 'Activism' started by azcactus, Jul 30, 2014.

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    We are on fb at Oklahomans For Health if anyone wants to see what we are up to. We got 17 days left to collect signatures. Not an online petition, just a real grass roots effort.
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    Sorry, thought you where talking football at Oklahoma, but fb is Facebook, right?
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  3. azcactus

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    Yes fb=facebook in Oklahoma FB (capitals) means football….lol
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  4. OK Farmer

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  5. azcactus

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    Oklahomans for Health will be doing this. copy/paste: Rally @ the Capital for MMJ. The petitions will be turned into the state on Friday, August 15th, 2014.

    2300 N. Lincoln Boulevard, Ste. 101
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4897

    "OK4Health is going to try to roll in around noon and turn them in as late as we can. We can give people time to bring in last minute signatures."

    RALLY!!!!!!!! See you at the Capital building.
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  6. OK Farmer

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    A booth for signing the medical marijuana petition
    Credit Facebook

    Marijuana Petitioners Near Goal
    August 14th

    By Marshall Stewart

    Signatures are being gathered up until almost the last moment, but those seeking legalization of medicinal marijuana in Oklahoma intend to turn in petitions tomorrow. Lisa Bowman is a spokeswoman with the Drug Policy Reform Network of Oklahoma. She believes the number of just over 150-thousand signatures will be reached, but they will have to be certified by the Secretary of State’s Office.

    Those supporting legalizing marijuana for medical purposes will rally at the state capitol tomorrow afternoon as petitions are turned over to the Secretary of State.

    Marijuana Petitioners Near Goal | Public Radio Tulsa

    and thank you Governor Fallin, yesterday she came out publicly supporting limited medical cannabis, specifically the CBD oil that is used to help kids that are affected by severe seizures.

    Gov. Fallin announces decision to support a form of medical marijuana | KFOR.com
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  7. azcactus

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    We lost the battle, but will win the war...eventually.

    Oklahoma petition 420.jpg We fell short of the 156,000 signatures needed, but look closely at the date/time stamp on the receipt for record of the boxes turned in.
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  8. DTRave420

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    Yeah,I know a few Oakies that were out getting their petitions signed daily. Very tough to convince the right wing conservative religious fanatics though. Good luck man. I've been living in prohibition my entire life and know it's a drag...

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