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Discussion in 'Southern California' started by srmouzon, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. srmouzon

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    im out here workin and this bartender at happy ending told me i could get a out of state card. im pretty sure hes fuckin with me or is that true?
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    no such thing as an 'out-of-state-card' :wtf: ... no such thing as an 'in-state card', for that matter ... weird how bad info spreads ... the only 'cards', are county-issued, by a FEW counties, trying to make a few bucks ... cards are NOT required by Prop. 215, or Amendment 420 ... only the aforementioned Physician's marijuana recommendation is needed for 'legal' use ... however, while 'everyone says' you have to be a Kalifornia resident, the only mention of residency that I can find in Proposition 215, is for the Physician ... it says we "have to be under the care of a Kalifornia-licensed Physician" ... maybe I'm missing it somewhere, I'm not a lawyer ... hope this helps :smokin:
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    yea man good looking but met some people and they just hooked me up with some of their medical stuff good people.
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    She must be talking about MONTANA.lol. That's the only state which recognizes out-of-state cards. Hope ya don't believe her B.S. cause ya end up in the pokey, in more way's then one.

    Nothin wrong with a great hook up on the sly.:thumbsup::cool:
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    You can absolutely get a card if you have a california lease or some form of residence in your name. I have a Ca license with a AZ id on it ;)
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    out of state cards

    Just went through this on the Washington State board here. Looks like there is no reciprocation anywhere (save Montana) for Med Marijuana recommendations.

    Anecdotal information shows that there have been returns of medicine for out of staters, and some LE tolerance of another states MMJ cards and possession charges. But In Wash. you cant get a card without _state_ citizenship.

    Think I need to rile up my State Senator about this....heh heh heh

  7. shangeet

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    No words like that. Its not possible to get a card for state outside. But...
    There has been much debate and speculation about having a medical card from another state and getting busted in your state. Some judges go by state law, and then you are basically screwed if you were to be caught. But on the other hand, there are some judges that will let you go if you have a card from another state. It might cost a little extra for court fees and what not, but some judges will throw the case out if you provide a medical card. Don't count on it, but it can be doneā€¦ ;)

    Best clinics to get a medical marijuana card in Orange County, California
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    Montana, Arizona, and I believe Rhode Island and Michigan? are all riciprical to one extent or another. You do have to check that state for it's regs also.
    Dennis and Jill in Marion, MT
  9. iforgotmyname

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    Sounds pretty close I was told a good while back that it was Montana, Michigan, an Massachusetts. Unsure about Arizona and Rhode Island. Sorry I couldn't be a little more informative in this area.....:smokin:
  10. dennisjill

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    Active State Medical Marijuana Programs - NORML
    Arizona, Maine, Michigan (other state, district, territory, commonwealth, or insular possession of the U.S. must offer reciprocity to have reciprocity in Michigan), Montana, Rhode Island.
    Looked it up this time. 8^)

    Oregon allows non residents with valid cards to get card in Oregon

    Dennis and Jill, Marion, Montana

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