Outdoor grow in Socal. A little help please.

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Cannamarkx, Jun 26, 2010.

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    Hello every/anybody! I'm new to the forum. Glad I found it!
    I'd appreciate some input on my grow.
    I started with some teenish clones in rockwool that I was told could go directly into soil. These babies had been in the outdoors prior to me planting them. Here's the log:
    Each plant placed in 3 bags of Kellogg Patio Plus with a mixture of blood and bone meal mixed in about every 1/2 bag of Patio Plus. (add soil, sprinkle the meal, add soil sprinkle etc) Holes meshed for gophers and appx. 24”W X 24” Deep.
    Clones used:
    Blue Dream #1- 7” tall given 2 gallons of tap water.
    Blue Dream #2- 9” tall “ “
    Blue Dream #3 - 12” tall “ “
    Black Domina - 7.5” tall “ “
    Hindi Kush - 12” tall “ “

    6/26/10 Average temp for week 88 degrees.
    Each plant was given a liter of water on the 20th.
    Blue #1 wilted on the 21st. Blue #2- 3 days after that. Blue #3 the 24th.
    Each plant was given daily light watering around root mass. Approximately ¼ gallon +/- daily through week.
    Each plant began a 2 gallon every other day regiment today.
    Blue #1 – 10” tall. Beginning to show new growth.
    Blue #2 – 6” tall. Showing new growth on the very top of plant. Still weak.
    Blue #3 – 10” tall. Just starting its wilt phase.
    Black Dom – 13.5” tall. Healthy.
    Hindu K- 14” tall. Healthy

    The Indicas (Black Domina and Hindu Kush) are thriving. But the Blue dreams have been struggling. They're not dead, just wilting with outer leafs dying BUT have new leaf growth on the stem. So I don't know if they'll survive and grow or they were too premature for the grow.
    I live between Palm Springs and Los Angeles. The weather will be in the high 90's in the next month or so. I was told to give them 2 gallons every other day by the clone guy. But my hydro shop told me like 4 gallons every 3 days.
    Some advice from growers with experience in this position.

    Thanks in advance! Mark
  2. LetsSeeYa

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    I know you gave a bunch of info, but i need a few questions answered. So how long had they been outside brfore you put them in and how many direct hours of sun do they get? aND ARE THEY CLOSE AS IN, CAN YA WALK TO THEM NOW? Sorry caps to beat to fix it tho...

    This would help:Rasta:
  3. Cannamarkx

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    I really dont know that they were outdoors I was told that..

    they could 'go in the ground". Im a MMJ patient and met a cloner with the babies. As far as the direct sunlight, I'd say between 5-6 of 'direct" sunlight. They get pretty cooked.
    And yes, I can walk to them in 3 minutes.
  4. LetsSeeYa

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    Well maybe you can shade a bit of the sun, just till your plant get used to the direct sun. I put mine from indoors out under a tree to get the sun that gets though the tress, before i let them have any full sun.

    If you can water the leaves after the sun goes down, it should keep them alive till the plant is ready for full sun. May be a box without the top and something to cover the top, but let light in. Just till they get bigger, then your fine. But hitting them at night on the leaves will help your plant take in water. And at this point they probably need it, just do not do this in the sun or they will fry. At night if ya got a water bottle that can mist them is best.

    I thing in a week to ten days they should perk up, then give more light every few days till you can remove the box. Just set it on a few bricks so air can get under it and i think you can save them all:thumbsup:

  5. Cannamarkx

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    Sounds good. Thanks!

    I'll do that tonight. What do you think about the watering schedule? Is 2 gallons of water sufficient every other day? The temp today is 90 degrees. The soil , remember 24-30" round and about the same deep of good soil mixture, is still moist currently. I read it's good to let the soil "dry out" a bit. These pups are in need of tlc I think. Im afraid to let em dehydrate in this heat.
  6. middieman440

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    dont let them get bone dry, im in same area as you and mine are in 3 gallon pots< my tomatoes< my mj is just a small baby right now, but the tomoatoes i water every 2 days i just spray untill i think its good enough,usually till water runs threw drainage holes.

    lasy yr i grew in 5 gallon buckets back in ct and when the dry spell came for like 3 weeks i needed to water 2 times a week.. and if i didnt i would have some dry friggin plants..

    but as letting them get dry its not bad allows oxygen to get to roots and all that good stuff but dont let them get more than a day or being dry can cause problems...but listen to your plants they tell you what they need...

    growing this stuff isnt hard its a weed and can do fine with nothing but water and dirt!!
  7. Cannamarkx

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    so far so good!

    Blue Dream #2 is likely gone:( BUT, BD #1 and BD#3 are re-vegging and the stems are nice and firm. Should I keep spraying them at night. I take a spray bottle and pump it 4-5 times once at about 9 pm, enough to wet the leafs.
    Also, the Indicas are thriving. Would it be good for them to get a spritzing at night?? I hate to fix what ain't broke with them...
    Thanks Letseeya!

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