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    IMG_0068.JPG IMG_0064.JPG IMG_0067.JPG IMG_0060.JPG Placed a few unknowns in the ground & they've been growing since
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  2. jon_santos

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    This was a very good outdoor grow. I hope to have one in the future but maybe impossible because I don't have a large garden on our house. Just gonna focus on indoor grow. Thanks for sharing it. She's great.
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    Good day.

    Working on fattening up (building) the flower up a bit with a tad over a month until harvest. Using a few ingredients that I learned from a Humboldt cat. Essentially a worm castings tea, bat quano, shrimp meal, alfalfa, kelp meal & molasses & brewing it x 3 days. If anyone can add to this or share some knowledge it would be much appreciated. PEACE
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    Update- Less than 3 weeks

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    Looking awesome!
    Happy harvesting!

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