Outdoor Growing in Ireland

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by kully, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. kully

    kully Registered+

    Anyone ever tried it?

    Its nearly that time of year,the weather is changing,ive got a couple of mothers going and im thinking of planting some clones.

    I dont own land so it would be a gorilla type of grow,but im a bit undecided and nervous about the risks.The last few weeks ive been taking the dog for long walks scouting locations and have found a few where i dont think anyone would really go.
    Anyone had any success with outdoor grows? Do you think its worth it or too risky.
  2. da dubs

    da dubs Registered+

    no my friend,i have always grew in my shed,,i know a polish guy who dose grow out doors with some success,took him loads of tlc,,he plants in dublin mountains..:Rasta: :hippy:
  3. KONGO2

    KONGO2 Banned

    I grew out me back once wasnt a great success but it was one of mt first times so it got smoked lol branches an all.There ar some great spots around wicklow and wexford.I've always wanted to do it especially now,were getting some fantastic weather would give plants a great start.And it looks likethe summer will be promisin too.Theres a couple guys here on CC that'l be able to help yah,

    Good luck bredrin!

    Jah bless!
  4. pass_the_dubbie

    pass_the_dubbie Registered+

    Get a nice greenhouse, its outdoor..ish but should work better since irelands weather is up the shitter...one second it rains...one second its sunny.
  5. moshmonkey

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  6. kully

    kully Registered+

    That looks like it would do well ,but its a skunk cross and very obvious looking when it starts to flower.
    I wonder how an Indica strain would do,less obvious.
  7. TheBudBuster

    TheBudBuster Guest

    Thats sooooo true
  8. rastagal

    rastagal Registered+

    dont be blinded by science.its a weed, john innes compost , large pot, sunny pot, away yee go :)
  9. rastagal

    rastagal Registered+

    out of sight of neighbours of course.....
  10. referking

    referking Registered

    my grow #2

    I have grown once before outdoors, 3 plants 2 turned out to be female and i got a lot of nice bud off both of them, killed the maleonce i recongnized tat it was a male. Just planted my germinated seeds today 3 plants again. I dont know the strain but the seeds were from a real nice smoke.
  11. TheBudBuster

    TheBudBuster Guest

    away:jointsmile: ye go
  12. Herbahollic

    Herbahollic Registered+

    A little help please

    Ive been considering growing my own herb for ages, but the only thing that i found discourging was the price it would have on my esb bill. Now im hearing that with the right strain of plant and a little tender loving care it can be done, especialy with the summer here. I hear that the plant to go with is the lowryder, but its pretty weak. so the question im askin ye kind wise people is, is there any other good strains out there that would do well in our dodgy climate & still pack a decent punch?
  13. rastagal

    rastagal Registered+

    Trance and euforia seeds work well outdoors here. So I've heard.......
  14. Herbahollic

    Herbahollic Registered+

    Cooleo rastagal, ill take that into consideration. im gonna invest in a mini green house in argos, only 24. Im a first time grower so i wanna tip the scales of success in my favour as much as i can. Can anyone recomend good nutes tecniqes etc? pretty please with sugar on top!!
  15. ptl32

    ptl32 Registered+

    I'm only getting into it myself but All depends on if your buying your nutes from a local shop or online.

    If it's from a local shop and your in the country then the best nutes are what ever they have :) If your in dublin you have an option but you mainly just need a Vegitative nute and a flowering nute and that will get you by on your first grow.

    So are you buying lights or a green house?
    If you were growing outside then 4-5 weeks ago you should have been germinating your seeds so I duno about inside a green house, should be alright.

    If you think you will ever want to put a light in there then just get a shed and insulate it like mad (don't want the helicopters seeing a glowing box in your garden haha)

    As for the seeds, go into your head shop and tell them what you want them for and look at the packets, sensi seeds have little symbols on the packets that tell you what there good for and how many days to flowering... So get a indoor/outdoor strain with a small enough harvesting time that is within your budget and you will be fine.

    Also don't forget that you dont have to buy everything all together ... Go out today and get plant pots and some john inn's potting soil and some seeds ... plant them today and then you have 7days at least before you need anything ... It's a great kick in the ass having little babies growing :) then you have about another 3-4 weeks where they won't smell and don't need exact lights (just a timer for 16hours light or even 24 when there babies) and go from there
  16. Herbahollic

    Herbahollic Registered+

    Hoping for the best

    Cheers for the wisdom plt32. Im headin upta capel street 2moro to have a look at the strains on offer, then im buying a green house for 24euro so im not sure how good it is. I dont intend to use lights, all naturalll. im gonna germinate them 2moro an keep my fingers crossed that ill be smokin my own crop in about 2months. whats your opinion on miracle grow? ill definately go with those nutes. weather has been a bitch lately, so i dunno what my chances are like without the lights.
  17. bong_man

    bong_man Registered+

    dont waste your time with there seeds, there fucking shite
  18. rastagal

    rastagal Registered+

    Some of the hydr nutes can be used outside also. If you can bypass the miraclegrow, and get a good one in Capel street, proper bloom shit.It helps a lot. But as u'll see nature will take care of it for you, nature was around long before bottled ferts :)
    Old bill still have all my stuff, wonder if I'll ever get it back.Would like to try that hydro farm.
  19. Herbahollic

    Herbahollic Registered+


    Cheers for the info folks, my seeds are germinating as we speak. ill keep ye posted on my success or failure, whichever happens
  20. Land of Drought

    Land of Drought Registered+

    How 'd Herb do urself a favour dont smoke MG use a organic feed.
    Remember u want to consume ur end product so putting Mg in ur lungs ant wise.....

    Just a tought Best of luck. Ive 4 mango's out in my yard so keep
    us posted..

    Peace D

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