Outdoor Growing in Ireland

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by kully, Apr 14, 2007.

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    just happened to read about holland hope, lots of mold, but good smoke , also dont do lowryders
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    Hello my dear friend.. :hippy:
    PM's have been disabled on this site for years..
    Have a look at a new project if ya would @ Cannabis Utilisation Project

    Peace.. :jointsmile:
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    looks good,will reg later, u on it?
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    how come?

    holland hope This is a pest and mold resistant strain perfect for ireland i have had no problem with it.

    Also dont do lowryders :(they are perfect for the outside long daylight hours we have in the summer. as we have up to 21/22 hours of light at the 21st of june and not till end of september october, that we get under 13 hours of light. Needed for the plant to swicth to flowering stage. As we know how bad the weather can get round that time of year and cold at night and high winds.
    And they are easy for 1st time grow outside. can hide them far better aswell.
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    any ideas where to get some good seeds for indoor growing ?
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  7. ponicgrower

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    thanks i will first time on here and growing
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    on the outdoor

    i have moved mine at 2 feet outdoor in 2nd week of july, in black water buckets, i checked today and glad to say i planted on a hill and slightly under a tree but allways plant facing south man, its the best buss, they are now 3 feet , i had them in and out of the garden when it rained, but they are ready for the irish weather , i think the TLC comes when the germinate under a bulb and in and out of garden during april and mostly june, they know by then whats next ahead of them, my 6 are 3 alaskan ice and 3 himalayan gold, AI looks like a bull plant on steriods, internodes are good and himalayan gold are wanting to touch the sky, fuck that! snip snip at the top.
    i will have pics soon as they start to flower and from there i hope to mark the rain falls and moist content in the air while i fly fish next to them, lol.
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    anyone any info on this

    Hi, my first time asking anyone anything about this, i have 3 alaskan ice and 3 himalayan gold all about 2 to 3 foot high and have then in normal big buckets, i got 6 black ones in discount store and put lots of holes in them . but now i want to put them into the soil as i read your advice on manure and its fucking everywhere around me. i checked today and no white hairs as i only put them out 3 weeks ago on the 9 july at 2 feet high.

    so can i still put them in the ground and at 4 feet high at finish what is the usual amount if i just let them grow without topping them ? just an average is all i would like, i am hoping 2 to 3 oz a plant.
    appreciate the help,.......thanks.

    Also i grew blue cheese by big buddha, the white dwarf was 10/10 i grew indoors maybe 12 to 18 grams per plant, but so so beautiful but the blue cheese all died 3 weeks into flower in doors ???? i mean YELLOW LEAVES starting from the tips and curling , im growing 5 years and lost the plot over it, it looks like the phosphourus is taking up the nit as i put the powder on the top of the soil. i do not know what the fuck happened but i lost a major high, i just took the 3 week bud and dried it and , after growing euphoria, this shit would have made me stay awake all night, i will try again but anyone one knows what may have happened, sorry i do not have any pics yet but will have some of the outdoor once the flowers begin.
    any help guys, i would be glad of it.
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    Over the years ive grown some homegrown and been very successful!:)

    ANYTHING, Done, grown properly will be amazing and much better than the ole Irish grit!
    But for my fellow passionate smokers....DGC you know what im talking bout ;):thumbsup:

    Never underestimate pests they will rip the shite outta your plants!

    Any smokers out there wanna hit me up will be more than happy to share/swap/sample and vice versa :)

    Aint into wheelin' and dealin' ;):Rasta::Rasta:
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    Would anybody have any good links to a guide from germinating the seeds to harvesting and everything in between for growing outside in Ireland? Looking to grow some this summer and I'll probably go with Hollands Hope seeds.
  12. mickrick

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    auto ak47, auto chronic, auto white rhino. to name a few 10 week flowerer's.there's lots of new auto hybryds around..ideal for ireland, 2 havest's in 1 summer.. make ya self some auto seeds while ya at it and save a fortune on expensive seeds for next yr yr after..just a thought..
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    Hey everyone,

    Im a first time "outdoor" grower in Dublin, gonna give it a shot this year because I can't do indoor, I figure whatever I get out of it will be worth the price of the seeds.
    Im just waiting on my seeds to sprout from the pots at the moment they have already germinated. Im getting prepared to plant them in the wild on a nice farm patch:)

    Im fuckin sick and tired of paying stupid prices for shit smoke.
    I'll be posting up pics of my progress soon, so far so good.:thumbsup:

    I found a great seed guide specific to uk/ireland of what strains grow best in our climate, check it out.Best Outdoor Cannabis Seeds (UK & Ireland)
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    did you have a grow going last year?, think i remember your avatar

    list aint great lol
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    outdoor growing can bring great rewards,the plant thrives outdoors and can quickly outgrow surrounding foliage,i planted a durban poison,out my back couple of years ago.i got around an ounce from her and little bit less from the clones i took.be prepared to loose a few to rabbits disease ect,so plant a few in different locations,and dont tell anyone!!Good luck !!!
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    hey all,just found this site by accident last night.Im a keen gardener and have had success in the past indoors and outdoors too.have not grown in a couple of years but find my self drawn to the process again.would like to know where i could get some fem seeds for planting outdoors,i live in isolated part of the west and i miss the green:(.any advice and chat from fellow enthuasits would be greatly welcome cheers!!
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    hi:clap:, attitude are selling fem kc brains seeds now

    KC Brains Seeds Feminized
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    before i do my head in looking for lights for my med herbs, do you know were i can get cfl or a good light to do the job, the are for a disabled person so gisa bita help, maby you have a spare light, the plants are on the window at the mo and looking good. I am in the west-ish of ireland, but will travel for the lights, cos it is important.
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    Thanks for all the info guys:) Planning my first outdoor grow very soon. Wish this thread/forum was more active though.
  20. Green Gremlin

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    I'm in the mid Ulster area of the north of Ireland.
    Been growing 8 years now, indoor & greenhouse.

    First time I attempted it, I tried an indoor strain. Pretty stupid idea.

    About two years ago, I got advice from an old roommate in New York.
    He said to try an sutoflower, because of the genetics from the ruderalis it makes it hardy & more resistant to mold/bud rot.
    Although, when I plant a photoperiodic strain, I'll veg her from march to the end of may, then transplant to a green house so as the environmental change doesn't shock it too badly, then transplant outside.

    The pot/bag should be submerged to the ratio of about 5:4. The reason for this is, the plant can basically drown in our wet ground, this will reduce the moisture & help maintain healthy root structure.

    Some strains can grow 6ft+, I've done this myself.
    They will smell & stand out like the devils dick! Don't think for one second they won't.
    The sweet smell of grass cuttings kill most of the smell though.
    But, you get a savage kick from walking around your garden with a beer checking up on your cannabis.

    Unfortunately bud rot is a massive problem among most photoperiodic strains outdoor here, I've actually yet to find one that can stand out outside environment & produce a mold/bud rot free yield.
    The ruderalis however seem to cope with the environment fine & usually mold/bud rot free.
    But they've a tiny yield.
    The tiny grow tunnels you can buy at a Homebase, eBay, etc. Do a brilliant job of increasing the temperature & the polythene is usually clear or cloudy. Cloudy is better.

    this year however I'm giving up on the gorilla growing & sticking with the indoor, green house & polytunnel.

    Again, if anyone has personal experience with a photoperiod strain that's 100% mold/bud rot resistant & suits our weather, please give me a shout.

    Pictures of previous outdoor grows, between my garden, gorilla grows to follow.

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