Outdoor Growing in Ireland

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by kully, Apr 14, 2007.

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    my mate grew 4 beast's of plants last year,look up his grow on rollitup.com,outdoor irish grow.go for it man,i know i would,indoor grower meself.but i am looking out for spots to put a mango outdoor,ye never try ye never know
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    What's his user name on rollitup? Is he on the Irish growers thread?
    All my plants get drenched in the shite weather, then the silage is a bit of a time too.
    If I can get a strain that's resistant to our environment, I'll be out gorilla growing in a heart beat lol

    This year I'll probably just stick with the poly tunnel & green house, I might try popping a few autoflowers to grow outdoor if I can get the right spot.
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  3. Irish Grower

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    get yourself bluedream seeds mate,and ye the Irish growers thread,fucken trees mate,have a look.go on justfeminized.com for seeds lad
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    I grow most years in Dublin in the greenhouse and outside. I use a fan in greenhouse to maintain good air circulation with the window open all the time once flowering begins. I don't have any problem with mold most years anymore. I have found that over fertilization and low air flow are the main culprits.
    These days I grow in a mix of enviro grind compost mixed with Living Green compost and grow monsters. Best strains are Passion no 1 and Durban Poison from Dutch Passion. Mold resistant and vigorous. Your main problem will be keeping the height down in your grow directly in the ground. Tús Maith, leath na hoibre
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    he just let them grow naturally in the ground beside a wall,gorilla style in a chap farm. ye it on Ireland outdoor grow 2016.i agree with the Dutch passion.blue dream is a better smoke,but will grow like a tree.have fun and all the best lad

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