Outdoor growing in mid Wisconsin

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Cannabis-Sativa, Feb 17, 2008.

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    Me and a friend plan on growing outdoors this spring/summer in Wisconsin if the weather permits.

    We plan on starting sometime between mid April and no later then the beginning of May. Normally during this time of year weather is pretty nice, except rain, and i don't know really how much rain effects outdoor growing.

    But the reason for this thread is to see if anyone knows about growing outdoors in Wisconsin's climate?

  2. Cannabis-Sativa

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    also under the soil conditions how large of an area around the plant should have fert?
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    I live in ohio so the weather is probably similar to mine. I start mine indoors in 20 ounce or higher plastic party cups. I veg them for 2 weeks from mid april till early may. I dig up the spot outside ahead of time and mix in my own organic soil along with the natural soil so its about 50/50. I dig about 2 feet down and about 2 foot circle. I water them with distilled water till about mid may then i give them diluted liquid veg nutrients every other watering. If they have light and you keep animals away and give them water when needed you can have some big yields.
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    Wisco Growing

    I was able to grow 4 plants in Southeastern Wisconsin, all had to be harvested early due to frost.

    waiting for them to to cure, but im pretty sure i got at least a quarter or half o
  5. Wisconsin is not a marijuana legal state is it??

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