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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by HazardousToking, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Hey could someone help me out in finding a pure indica for outdoor growing??

    Id prefer if it was available from seedboutique but Ill try and not be picky

    Thank you:thumbsup:
  2. GaGrown

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    Most Indica will stay bushy and low profile,blend in ya know? The best I know is something in the skunk family.Got sum afgahan in it too.Not sure bout all the seed bank's. I have a hook-up for seeds as well as clones.Seeds are a treat when you can get them!From a breeder or seed bank.I go with cutting's.Same thing! But most of the work is done for ya if know a guy.

    Ga Grown
  3. Im not going to be growing deep enough in the bush to grow a skunk plant. Afghan might work well, hows the smell?? Who sells a pure afghan seed??
  4. GaGrown

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    Skunk #1 is an afgahan.Try some of the skunk hybrids! Lemme know what they do.

    Ga Grown
  5. bluntman3000

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    try some northern lights variaties

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