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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by bcgrown, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. bcgrown

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    Thanks Veg
    I'm going to get a list off the organic forum and see what I can make up maybe try a few diffrent things next year see how it goes. Also I see at some garden stores they have diffrent Grow/bloom organic ferts I will do more looking/reading around.
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    There's a woodchuck that lives under my neighbor's porch that I can send you to help trim... little bastard eats my squashes and needs to find something more productive to do :mad:
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  3. Mr.GoodMorning02

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    yeah, you should def have a helper when taking down that monster. i'm sure it's a heavy mofo lol and yes. a trunk shot would def be interesting. :thumbsup:

  4. bcgrown

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    I will do a update this week or weeknd latest.
    I have a helper for triming hehe no way I would do all that alone :jointsmile:
    Tall plants I will just cutt off branch to branch.. No chance im hauling a 20foot plant outa there.. LOL

    here are few pics of plant on belcony that I knocked up with kush :)
    starting to seed the seeds form 'Calyx swelling"

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  5. Nice pics and even nicer buds. Heh, drive down the road with that 20ft flag pole strapped to your hood. :D

    Interesting background.
  6. cannawish

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    Don't forget

    Don't forget to yell "timber!" when they fall...
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  7. veggii

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  8. painretreat

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    bc: when that timber falls we will feel the earthquake in California!!! I am still laughing at the woodchuck lol so funny!

    How did the little birdies do? Guess they are having babies now! It was cute!

    Your pictures are so awesome, translucent, just makes me wanna toke!

    In an earlier post, you mentioned trimming the lower portions. I was curious, did you clone them or toss um? Like post # 89 around there!

    Once heck of a Halloween party in BC!!!

    Another little question. You mentioned bamboo! I have a good source for some and my property has some rough terrain. So, I thought I would plant bamboo all around the parcel. Any advice to get it to grow fast? Or would you even advise me to use it? About how long to get them at least 10 feet tall (unlike your 20' plus logging trees) I have somewhere between 3 1/2 - 5 acres, heaven only knows for sure. Yes, it has been surveyed, but the county likes to take chunks and all the parcels are being sold around me and they like sticking their spikes inside mine! Since, I am sort of on an island, I don't care how much they take, as long as they stay on their side and I don't pay the taxes for it! Not really, I just got tired of trying to fight it. I have the area I want! Whoops, a bigger ? than I thot!

    Those 20 footer's, how big is the cola? How hard is it to cut them down? Chainsaw or ? Just curious! :jointsmile:

    I keep going back and looking at your pix and I think I'd like to take a nap in the middle of the grow! Bet, it would be the best one of my life!!! So long as Stinky's little woodchuck stays home that day! :D Take care and thank you so much for all the entertainment and enjoyment I've gained from your grow! PR :thumbsup:
  9. bcgrown

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    haha ya that woodchuck would piss me off.. eat my home grown food lol get the heck outa here!!! live trap it and release it 100 miles away lol

    The bamboo I use grows from ground around may "spring time" it starts and will grow till nov "it flowers like marijuana and drops seeds also dies off " I try to research the plants/trees around were I will grow as they can play a big role in cover/smell knowing when they die off and start to yellow helps know whats a good area and whats not.. There are diffrent types of bamboo and some grow very tall and lanky and some grow thick/bushy and fast like the ones around my area. They are perfect cover and blend nice with the plants. Also the soil around them is great for growing with just adding a few things to the soil to make it right. They like lots of water so a water source near by that they feed off of cause man they love water lol "keep that in mind cause you dont wanna have to worrie about watering bamboo to keep your plants coverd ;)

    Those lower branches were cloned off . No waste goes on here :)

    They are starting to fill in nice I will take pics of them this weeknd. haha a few are starting starting to fall over. Going to have to tie em back to the bamboo around "another reason I like having it right near bamboo they make wicked stakes and tie offs for your plants ;)
    colas are getting nice and thick on the 20 footer and there is one thats about 15 feet and all the buds are totally purple now "the black velvet" I will take pics of that one also forsure. Cooler temps are bringing out the colours :D I will chop the big ones with my machete btw hahaha. gonna be a hack job forsure.

    Glad ya dig the pics. Will take pics of breeding section also.:thumbsup:

    The little birds grew up and took off they stuck around for a while but I'm guessing they go south and come back next year or somthing cause they havnt been around. I left the nest there maybe they will use it again next year :)
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  10. bcgrown

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    few pics :)

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  11. bcgrown

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  12. bcgrown

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    breeding section..
    Check out all the pollen sacks on that one male

    Ya think he did his job? lol

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  13. bcgrown

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    last ones

    oh ya here are some stalk pics.

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  14. zebulon

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    Really beautiful plants, looks so tasty, i would love to try some....good work...:jointsmile:
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  15. painretreat

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    Thanks you bc: everything I use to hide with will need water--will read about the rest of your suggestions: thanks again for all the skill and thought you've put into this and share with me! :thumbsup:

    Again, wonderful pictures! I guess, you have me convinced, I have got to get a camera and figure out how to use it and soon!

    Many thanks! Oh, I read an article last night that the lady bugs actually eat all the spyder mites and bugs that cause the problems!! So, that lady bug gave you good luck, not that you need any, but it sure was pretty! :jointsmile:
  16. inbud

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    Great pics of the main stalks, stalk seems like a small word for those huge trees. I love purple buds and yours look great.
  17. bcgrown

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    Trunks. :)
    I will take a pic of the trunk on the blue berry.. its bigger then those are now lol..

    Here are some harvest pics of a few sativas I took down. They are about 50% Amber when choped "and who said pure sativas cant be grown in BC ;)" :stoned:

    I do my trimming it in 3 stages.. lol first fan leafs let it dry a day or 2 then do the mid size leafs... then at day 5-7 I do the small/tiny leafs. Then goto seable jars/containers for at least 2 weeks air it out every day 2/3 times for 10-20 mins at a time. I like to test it out till I cure till its nice and smooth depending on strain..

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  18. naturegrrl

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    I am a new grower and live in Minnesota. Can male plants also have tricomes on them at the end of the season? The plant i have looks like a male but all the buds are covered with tricomes. Thanks
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  19. Mr.GoodMorning02

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    wow grown. those pics are amazing. nice to see you'll have some good smoke in a few weeks. make sure you set a day aside for the tree ya have lol.

    take care, bbs to see rest of harvest

  20. bcgrown

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    update this weeknd :D The cold in the last 2 weeks has brought out some intresting colours.

    Hey naturegrrl
    Males = Low levels of THC%
    Unless breeding.. Chop chop.

    Here are a few pics of the plant on the belcony. I think I took those last weeknd...
    And a little purp kush nuggy.

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