Outdoor Marijuana Grow 2008

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by bcgrown, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. BlazedinBA

    BlazedinBA Registered+

    havent heard from you for awhile....any pics from the rest of the harvest....you ever get a pic of the trunk of the 19footer?

  2. marijuanaisgr8

    marijuanaisgr8 Registered+

    yea I would love to know the yields!
  3. Buckten

    Buckten Registered+

    nice work

    i just started a few outside aswell
    i am still kinda schetchy about the cops
    i got ten growing and the gonna be seperated once i find out how many male/females i have
    when can u tell there sex:jointsmile:
  4. jiggyboo65

    jiggyboo65 Registered

    heya bc

    Hey I am your brother from another mother down here in the states. Washington to be exact. How did you keep the deer from rampaging through your shit. i'm in the process of setting up for my op this year and would like some info on how you get the lil buggers to leave you alone.

  5. FrostAie

    FrostAie Registered+

    nice hope everyones grows go smoothly and safely this year hopefully you still got some of those nuggets :)
  6. z1ggy420

    z1ggy420 Registered

    Im liking this grow log :)
    im loooking to grow outdoors for my first time , and I was wondering a couple questoins .
    how do u know if its male or female?
    how do u know what nutes are good and bad ?
    how much sunllight should i give it?
  7. psychodelic

    psychodelic Registered+

    You need to do more reading. All your questions can be answered by reading the basic growing stickies. I recommend reading more before starting a grow. There are other things you should know before starting (other than male vs. female, hours of sunlight, etc.)
  8. meowtrox

    meowtrox Registered

    hey man, what are these "CLONES" and "BUD SITES" ?? i'm new to growing cannabis any help will do :)
  9. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    look for a more recent thread than 2009 to ask your questions, like 2011.
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  10. outtahouse

    outtahouse Registered

    . Nice Grow!

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