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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by PoRtOBuDHa, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. PoRtOBuDHa

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    im growing outside what nutrients or fertilizer should i use when it gets to vegatation stage and when it gets to flowering stage? thnx
  2. stinkyattic

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    I'm a fan of organics for outdoor gardens. Prepping the soil with nice well-rotted compost in fall, then turning it in spring at planting time, then fertilizing with bat or seabird guano is a nice way to get a quality organic product without animals diggin up your soil because they want to get at the bone or blood meal that are sometimes used by outdoor veggie gardeners, who can keep an eye on their plants, lol.
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    Before hiking in to my guerrilla grow i will not know what the soil lacks so what are some things i can pack to add to the soil? Mind you where i live the soil generally is already really fertile. Also, would using a miracle grow that feeds all year be suffice at least for vegging?
  4. FrostAie

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    advanced nutrients :)
  5. BlaZinROC

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    You don't add advanced nutrients to the pre-existing soil, you water with. I know i need dolmite lime and i plan on bringing in worm casting and a higher P guano but is there anything im missing? Also, for a 6*6*3 foot hole how much dolmite do i put down? Do i just generously cover the soil and then mix it in well. Some sort of answer would be helpful. I've quickly realized that this is one of the least active site out there.
  6. stinkyattic

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    Some growers like to add polymer water retention crystals. IF the soil is very dense, add vermiculite. Bat guano is a wonderful additive, since it is light to carry and does not attract animals the way that blood/bone meals so.
  7. BlaZinROC

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    Is it possible to apply to much organic fertilizer to a plot? Could you make it too rich? Also how important is it to treat every plot with the dolmite lime? Also Stinky, would you suggest planting clones in small plots of like 5 or planting each clone in its own hole caged off? Thanks for the help, cant wait to get going with all this!
  8. cthulhu

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    BlaZinROC: It's pretty hard to burn the plants with nutrients from all organic sources, but I imagine if you went too rich with it you'd have to worry about the pH, insects, and too high levels of other compounds in the organic material (Urea, for example).

    I'll be growing outdoors this year, 100% organic.

    I will be adding a mix of the following to the present sites' soil:

    - Perlite
    - Vermiculite
    - Cow Manure
    - Sheep Manure
    - Blood & Bone Meal (buying it pre-mixed)
    - Premier BIO-MAX Peat-Shrimp-Manure Compost

    I'll be preparing the mix at home and bringing it in 2 large bags to 2 different plots.

    the Premier BIO-MAX compost is something new for me, and it looks very promising. I'll be using it throughout the entire growth cycle, from germination to chop.

    the ferts I'll be using are:

    - Green Earth Muskie 5-1-1 Fish Emulsion
    - Fox Farm Big Bloom .01-0.3-0.7 Liquid Plant Food
    - Fox Farm Tiger Bloom 2-8-4 Liquid Plant Food

    animals aren't really an issue around here, at least, not animals that would be interested in blood and bone (if anything, this would likely scare them off).
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