Outdoor plant, leaves turning purple / black

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by el_fantistico, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. el_fantistico

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    Hi Folks,

    I'm a new grower and I have an outdoor female who's in full bloom. Over the past few weeks I've noticed the fan leaves slowly starting to turn purple and black. First it was a few, now it's 3/4 of the plant. The buds, however, are still nice and fluffy and green. The nights right now are getting to be around 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit).

    Should I be alarmed by this? I've got about another week to go.


    El Fantistico :smokin:
  2. Mr. Clandestine

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    Hmm...some strains have a genetic predisposition to produce purple foliage, but black? That doesn't sound like genetics. On the other hand, colder temperatures can cause some abnormalities in purple strains...like causing the plant to turn a darker shade of purple. Maybe this is what's happening to yours.

    Do you know what strain it is? Also, if you could provide pictures, it would certainly help others to ascertain what's happening.
  3. Turtlez

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    its probably the cold, nothin to worry about.
  4. twoguysupnorth

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    yup this sucks i cant link it
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    Revised: The Complete Guide To Sick Plants,pH and Pest Troubles
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  7. smoke_and_fly

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    its either the cold or the strain
    i dont think it would be ph
  8. KushMaster5

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    hey man my plants doin the same thing...its the end of the year and the plant knows its gona get smoked so its sucking up the rest of its sugars and thc and what not from all the fan leaves.. then in turn the fan leaves themselves turn yellowish then brownish then just die and fall off sometimes leaving its purple/dark purple or even black stem. you can either leave them on or help out and cut it off. i leave it on just so it gets everything it needs you know what i mean...once its all shribbily i cut it off. hey good news tho . your plants almost done.
  9. KL4D4

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    If they are turning black however it is not a good thing
  10. Big len

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    mine were turning a purple color also once i moved them inside due to days of rain and lousy temps, they seem to be turning back to green and crystals are getting more developed it is a sativa which has about 2 weeks left to finish.
  11. smokealot123

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    you need to give that some ultra bloom.. about 1 cup full, then leave it in the sun without water for 2 days, then when it shows sighns of weakness clip the top cola and your perfect, all set.:thumbsup:
  12. klondike_bar

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    nutes on harvest week??? are you nuts!?

    when you say black, it it black or deep,deep,deep purple?

    either way, if its growing, black buds will be amazing!

    its the temps tho, since purple usually is made at 16C nights or so, and your even less
  13. bicflikr

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    are you having hot days?
    could be the massive switch in temp, not necessarily the cold? just a thought...
  14. smokealot123

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    post a pic of it.
  15. WeLuvGreenTg

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    Im having the same problem, like he said I think it might be from a big change in temp. Over here it will be hot and humid one day and then the next it will be 50 degrees F. On a couple plants the dark purple/black leaves went back to normal in a couple days. Im still not exactly sure what it is or if its bad but once i find out more ill post it
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  16. Weedornot

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    I had similar issue last year, in my case it was weather related..

    as long as the black/purple doesn't rub off like a mold or something you should be ok...
  17. iychrisyi

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    i have same too turning very deep purple but buds are looking totally fine its mainly just the fan leaves i am putting it down to these cold temperatues....mine is called ROCKO HAZE its the shit look out for it ...or have you had it before !!??!!????
  18. Yznya

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  19. Yznya

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    I'm a first time grower too. The same happened to my plant also, except no black. It started as the temp at night got colder. Last night it dropped to 6°c, and most of my fans went purple.
    I say it's the cooling weather. Luckily it's almost 'that' time.
  20. Wagonweed

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    Check the date next time dude

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