Outdoor plants and freezing temps

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by IrOnAdDiCt, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. IrOnAdDiCt

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    Is there any way I can keep my plants out a little longer without killing them when it freezes? The weather says that by friday its supposed hit a low of 33 for 2 days in a row then get warmer again. Im scared that it will get below that and have something bad happen. They were started out door, brought indoor bu then got too damn big so I took them back out and put them in the ground back in August and they are freaking THRIVING but they are not even close to done yet. Its an outdoor strain if that makes any difference...
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    temps below 50 will stop growth. Cover it for those cold spells if you can
  3. IrOnAdDiCt

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    Even if it hits 60+ during the day?
  4. WashougalWonder

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    Ok, let me rephrase, growth will be very slow when temps are below 50, almost like stopping growing.

    The roots don't like to go below 50 degrees. If the leaves freeze the expansion of the water into ice in the leaves will destroy the cells in the frozen areas.

    I almost feel like you want me to say whatever it is you want to hear. Maybe I should go toke and get a decent frame of mind. Sorry if too curt.
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    Nah I want you to tell me what I NEED to hear!! If its not worth leaving them in the ground, I will pull them...if I can leave them for a couple weeks and they will still get bigger, or more potent, I will leave them. All I want is to know what I need to do to benefit the most here....dont blow smoke up my ass, just tell me what u think I should do. I am far from an expert, so I will pretty much listen to whatever you guys say, cause i have no idea what to do. I just got my medical card six months ago, so I just finished my first indoor crop and these are my first outdoor plants. Thanks for any all the help, its much appreciated....
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    I can describe some general tips for protecting tender plants from cold temperatures.

    Depending on how large they are, you can attempt to cover them with lightweight fabric (a light sheet) or clear plastic film. Unless you are going to arrange a frame over the plants, I would stick to the lightweight fabric. I use Agribon in my garden for a little protection.

    Thirty-three degrees isn't terribly cold (it's still above freezing), and a lot of tender plants can tolerate a short cold period as long as it doesn't linger long enough to freeze. Covering the plant will insulate slightly and keep it ~1 to 3 degrees warmer during a brief temperature dip.

    I think you can leave them in the ground, especially if warmer weather is just on the other side. Nurse them through any short cold spells, and they will enjoy the remaining good weather.
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  7. IrOnAdDiCt

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    Im fuked...it froze last night, pure white out this morning. And its gonna be 28 for the low tonight, just found that out. GREAT :(
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    I wonder if you can use radiant heat wire?? I have installed these wires in driveway's before its covered in asphalt or concrete. They are used to prevent freezing on slippery driveway surfaces. There installed in a zig zag shape running across the surface. You could look into it, the wire would be arranged around the root area a few inches underground, although you need to bring power to them. Hope this gives you some idea...

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