Outdoor Sativa Crammed In a Small Grow Tent LED

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    Well this should at least be good for a laugh (and a few ounces) This spring when I planted my garden I planted a bag seed in a 5 gallon bucket with dirt from my backyard and some rotting fish for fertilizer. By July it became apparent that I would have to crop the top or it would start poking up over the fence, and by August it had begun to bud so prolifically that I became paranoid about having it outside and in September I made a modest investment in a new grow setup. I bought a 27x27x63 grow tent, knowing it would be a bit too small but it was all I had space for and in the future I will of course grow Indicas. Ive started to train some of the branches down, as you can see through the different photos from the last week. I bought a 300W full spectrum as a main light and a 45W full spectrum with IR/UV for a side light. 100 CFM in, 200 CFM out, temperature steady between 70-75F. Shes about 3-4 weeks into flower and I'm now only feeding her Bembe and unsulphured molasses. My previous experience is with CFL's so I'm excited to say the least, we'll see how this turns out.
    0_IMG_20170912_032001057_HDR.jpg 0_IMG_20170909_030531519.jpg 0_IMG_20170912_032001057_HDR.jpg 0_IMG_20170912_033037754_HDR.jpg 0_IMG_20170912_033056427_HDR.jpg 0_IMG_20170912_033143514_HDR.jpg 0_IMG_20170912_033037754_HDR.jpg
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    So nobody has any questions/comments/concerns? I'ts been a few years since I posted anything here, seems like there's not nearly as many active users as there used to be. Guess I'll take it on over to GrassCity.
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    That's hilarious dude.

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