Outdoor strain successes by region- post yours!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by stinkyattic, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. stinkyattic

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    Hello all!
    The "what strain should I grow in xxxxxxxxxxx?" question is asked often enough to merit an FAQ entry, but I figured this would be a good place to stick a more interactive list of strains.

    Here's the deal:
    Post up the names of strains you have grown successfully, to harvest, in your area, and give the REGION and type of landscape in which you grew them successfully. If you had failures, such as mold, post up the info for that too. Or just copy the little form thing here and fill it out for your standby outdoor strains!

    I'll give an example:

    Region: US Northeast
    Landscape: SE facing scrubby hillside
    Breeder: BOG
    Strain: SourBubble BX3
    Success/failure?: Success
    Major problem: None
    Finish date: App. October 1
    Comments: Fast finish but bud density is fluffier than the same strain grown outdoors

    Got it? Cool. :cool:
    Reminder- please don't hotlink to seed vendors.
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  2. FrostAie

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    sounds like a pretty good plan i put 4 babies to the ground last night because of the warm weather here.
  3. JADelic

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    This would be so much better if there were actual experiences posted... Ima grow some and I"ll post but until then I got no info... :*(
  4. McLovin

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    threw a bagseed in the corner of my florida backyard sometime in january as an experiment to prove to my girlfriend that marijuana is a 'weed' and can really grow with almost no efforts at all. No major problems except for slight yellowing in the leaves around 2 weeks before harvest(Apr27th). Probably from either salts in the dirt, or even chlorine from our close by pool. I watered her maybe 6 times in the 4.5month lifecycle, and she got maybe 6 to 7 hours of light a day.

    I was going to post pictures but its a hassle since i took them on my phone i have to email them to myself, then save, and yatta yatta yatta. anyways, its VERY hairy and has lots of trichromes on it. I definitly wish I had more info on maybe what strain it may have originated from. I cured different batches with cherry shisha, coffee shisha, and strawberry daquiri shisha. I am about to smoke a blunt of it now, so nighty night! lol
  5. wskdigital

    wskdigital Registered

    Region: Alaska
    Landscape: Spruce Forest
    Strain: Lowryder 2
    Success/Failure: Success
    Finish Date: Mid September
    Problem(s): Rabbits ate about 1/3 of the plants
    Comments: Had to haul in my own soil because the forest soil is nutrient-less and to acidic. Also the plants that were planted with natural barriers (like fallen trees or dense brush) were not touched by the rabbits.

  6. choncharoncha

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    Smallest fully flowered marijuana plant!!

    I just harvested the smallest plant ever. Total height of the plant was 6" from the root ball. Total harvest will be somewhere around a gram (dried and cured of course). I do not know the strain but it looks and smells very good. Is it a certain strain that grows like this? I grew it in the same pot as another plant and had a third in its own pot. The other two plants surpassed the little guy "Mini Me", very quickly during vegging. I almost cut it out when I induced flowering but I thought what the hell? So it spit out little white pistols. Female...cool. So I harvested right at 60 days. Trics looked good and ready even thought the plant was only 6 inches tall and the stem was thinner than a 16 penny nail. The other two plants grew perfectly normal. Anyone know why my plant was so small? Anyone ever heard of a smaller fully flowered marijuana plane? Thanks.
  7. greenatik

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    i had 3 GDP clones only get 5 inches tall before the cut. they were from a medical club and obviously did not like the outdoors because they never wanted to grow

    i am pretty sure your plant didnt grow from some kind of stress
  8. Teazintoo

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    I'm in the southwest and I've done well w/SuperSilverHaze,Supercrazy,Mistree.This year is crazed.
  9. tomm01

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    I haven't personally grown but almost everybody says these are perfect for Australian climates.

    It is called 'Old Mother Sativa' or Mullum-Madness
    Region: Australia mostly NSW
    Landscape: Warmer, tropical type climate, low humidity
    Breeder: Mullum-Madman
    Strain: Sativa's crossed from Papua New Guinea Gold and Thailand strains. He called it Old Mother Sativa.
    Success/failure?: Success for them, been growing in the town of Nimbin for centuries.
    Major problem: Can't grow indoors, even under strictly controlled climate it just gets too big.
    Finish date: ........
    Comments: This town is the only town in Australia to celebrate weed so openly, they have awards, pubs that sell hash brownies, prohibition protest days every year etc etc

    Although I haven't grown this, or at least I don't think so, chances are one of my bagseeds was this.... All the comments about it are great and they say it's the biggest plant ever. Gets to about 20 feet I think was the biggest and it yielded 15 pounds.
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  10. LolaGal

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    Region: South
    Landscape: Creek bottom land, hid in middle of pile dead trees.
    Strain: Skunk
    Success/failure: Success
    Major Problem: Poachers, thieves. (only shot 3 lol)
    Finish date: Nov.1
    Comments: 15 + feet tall, 2.5 lbs plant average, planted & left alone to fend for itself
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  11. lunarose

    lunarose Registered+

    Region: west S.Ca
    Strains: White Widow, Swiss Miss, bagseed,
    Landscape: greenhouse backyard
    Success/failure: 2 Success 1 failure
    Major Problem: First grow I killed all but one plant from giving them way too many nutes very ugly I also have had problem with some kind of insect that I have never been able to identify whatever it was it lived in the soil and would eat all the leaves off the small seedlings neem oil and other safe sprays did nothing
    Finish date: Oc.1
    Comments: Planted in soil in 15g pots I use miracle grow soil that I mix with earthworm casings, perlite and vermite Feed them Fox Farm products
  12. bcgrown

    bcgrown Registered+


    Region: "WEST" Southern British Columbia Canada
    Landscape: Farm Field lots of east to west sun coverage.
    Breeder: VSB
    Strain: Kushx
    Success/failure?: Success
    Major problem: lower Yeild
    Finish date: App. Oct 15
    Comments: Quick flower but smaller compact buds. All ended up at 3.5 feet around 1.5-2 oz a plant.

    MY 2007 outdoor Kush grow
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  13. brussels

    brussels Registered+

    Region: Central Texas costal
    Landscape: 30'x15' bed hidden by deck/house and surrounded by large potted plants. 6 1/2 hours full E to W sun

    Strain: C99cNL
    Success/failure?: success
    Major problem: some leaf mold in Sept
    Finish date: mid Oct
    Comments: treated mold w/2 tsp soda + 2 drops liquid dish detergent in quart spray bottle. Incredable yield; i used tent pegs to tie plants horizontally.

    Strain: Apollo11xC99
    Comments: All same as above, with a bit more leaf mold, that i had to wash off with fingers and soda solution. About 20% less yield, but made up for it with a very citrus scent and taste

    Photos were taken mid Sept, about a month before harvesh

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  14. altoids

    altoids Registered+

    Can you give me the Longitude of where you grew?

    Also, when in the season did you start?
  15. madeline

    madeline Registered+

    Luna, it sounds like you have 'leaf cutters' too. They're those long skinny brownish-black bugs with a split tail...about an inch or so long. They live under rocks, leaves and other ground cover but keeping the ground clear won't keep them away. They snip off the seedlings about an 1/8" from ground level leaving a tiny little stump. I use an aluminum can with the ends cut off as a barrier to keep them off of seedlings (they don't bother older plants that have already hardened their 'trunks'). Take your can with the ends cut off (a serrated steak or bread knife works best to saw off the ends) and center it over the seedling or seed if you plant directly into the ground then press gently into the ground a bit so nothing can crawl under it and it'll keep them safe from pretty much all crawling bugs but especially safe from the leaf cutters.

    Good Luck
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  16. midniter

    midniter Registered+

    US North Carolina
    Landscape: Low spot & 5 plants to a container in Large kiddie pools camflouged,works absolutely great with no bugs to bother it.
    Breeder: Outside
    Strain: BIG BUDDA CHEESE & A.M.S
    Major problem:At the end of budding the limbs started breaking from the weight of the buds had to tie limbs back up
    Finish date: App. October 18th
    Comments:Was my best outdoor grow ever they grew to 11 to 12 foot high and the smoke was absolutely great.I have grown all ways outside and tried planting in ground around here and some kind of worm or bug would always get to them & what did make it through never made much so i went to the pool idea!For anyone having trouble ouside with heavy digging or bug problems this idea will help you just buy caomflouge paint and paint them let them dry take them to your pre spot u choosen make sure to cut holes in botton of pool,& then buy cow manure and perfect mix potting soil with some pete moss & vermiculite,& i assure you that if the creepers dont find them you will be happy in flowering season.LOL
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  17. midniter

    midniter Registered+

    (I forgot to add that alittle play sand mixed in too & a few cedar bushes cut and layed around to help to hide them.
  18. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    Excellent results, nice tip!...midniter...:thumbsup:

    I broke two pick axes around here...trying to dig a hole...:wtf:...:D
  19. midniter

    midniter Registered+

    Anytime pimp,i went through the samething hard ground ph balance from ground & critters,so i was washing my big bulldog oneday in the pool and bam it gave me the idea lol!
  20. nysurf

    nysurf Registered

    Kiddie pool. Available on craigslist for like $10 tops? Siiiiick idea. Thank you. Im frankensteining everyones ideas and and putting them together. Will post results in oct. hahaha. tanksl

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