Outdoor strain successes by region- post yours!

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  1. wman44

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    Region: US midwest (ohio valley)
    Landscape: west facing, open to the north and south, wooded area to the east
    Breeder: nirvana
    Strain: white widow
    Success/failure?: mixed
    Major problem: drought in august
    Finish date: App. mid-late october
    Comments: nice dense colas, nearly nothing lower down on the plant, finished at about 7 feet tall, yeilds were severly diminished due to drought (dont rely on polymer crystals to get ya through a dry spell ;) )

    same location
    strain2: bella chaio
    success failure?: mixed
    Major problem: drought in august
    Finish Date: mid-september
    Comments: small popcorn buds all over plant, main colas were small as well,
    at time of harvest some areas of the plant were so dry i was able to pick a bud off the plant and smoke it right there :( , i've had much much better results with this strain indoors.

    this year im doing white widow, zae, bella chaio, and my own cross im working on that is an afghani x purple kush pollen crossed with a sativa dominant sweet tooth and another indica dominant sweet tooth that turned purple.
    these will be put outside whenever the corn fields are tall enough and the farmers aren't spiking the soil with anhydrous ammonia
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    michigan mids baby
    i live in michigan and grew some mids here on my porch untill it was 4 foot then moved it to my woods
    put it in a spot in the woods were it gets about 10-4-10 (the 4 being indirect sunlight)
    but its eather a male or a hermie so T_T
  3. moosezilla

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    ... and my own cross im working on that is an afghani x purple kush pollen crossed with a sativa dominant sweet tooth and another indica dominant sweet tooth that turned purple...
    - hey if i could get some of those seeds from u leme know ;) sounds killer
  4. bickeybammer

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    Region: northern cali
    Landscape: backyard next to tomato plants
    Breeder: found the seeds in a 8th of purple urkle i got from the club then the the really skunky smelling pheno Hermied and gave me some nice seeds
    Strain:purple urkle
    Success/failure?: Success
    Major problem: None
    Finish date: looks like late september
    Comments: she work good as a mother for clones.... can produce some nice size nugs with a ton of trichs ... starting to give off a nice purple look and sweet skunk smell... one of my fav strains ever!!!

    pics take september 5




  5. smithy123

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    grow them big in uk
    cheese 6ft by 6ft

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  6. islandmadness

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    outdoors maine

    heres a few of our babies
  7. blowsterke

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    Europe, the Netherlands
    Landscape; my garden
    Strains; Motavation, Warlock and Exile (for medical use)
    Breeder; Magus seeds
    Succes; Yes and always female
    Finish date Exile end of october
    Finish date motavation about 3 weeks.
    Warlock already finished and smoked:thumbsup:

    motavation de Warlock en de Exile.


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  8. weedmaster

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    smithy was that a clone or was it started from seed. reason i'm asking, i may have been misinformed but was told that the original uk cheese was only available from clones but i have now seen cheese seeds for sale.
  9. GreenShadows

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    Mold Proof Strain

    There are mold resistant strains, and then there's this one which was mold proof.

    Region: Southern Midwest, USA
    Landscape: Open Roof Greenhouse, got great sunrise and sunset light, it was under light shade from towering trees.
    Breeder: Greenhouse Seeds
    Strain: AMS ( aka A.M.S. )
    Success/failure?: Major Success
    Major problem: None
    Finish date: Approximately Late September
    Comments: Survived high temperatures of 90 degrees fahrenheit and High Humidity, while plants next to it succumbed bud mold. It grew out dense packed buds. I defiantly recommend this strain for the outdoor grows.
  10. sawatchbud

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    Central Colorado Mountains

    Everyone I know around here grows indoors and it seems the 2 best strains are Diesel and Sugarhaze...it's hard to grow completely outdoors at elevations of 7000'-8000'+, but a couple of successful strains have been Halloween (which I am trying now), and Rusty Pelican...they have to be hardy, and early bloomers.
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  11. AnimeMom

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    I didn't fair so well putting my four in little pots. Big storm a few nights ago and snails and slugs got after them too - I may have one survivor.
  12. Weedornot

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    First time Lucky

    Region: Midwest, USA Ohio Valley
    Landscape: southern facing hillside.
    Breeder: unknown leftover seeds from half-quarter bag
    Strain: was indica looked like Dutch dope
    Success/failure?: Success I think: got 96 grams from 1 plant that sprouted from tossed seeds
    Major problem: grew too tall, was noticed before I was truly ready to harvest
    Finish date: Approximately Late September

    Comments: plant reached over 6 feet and my fence with vines is only 4 ft. produced a nice creeping buzz that just made ya mellow for a while.

    Trying my luck again this year, Rotting tree stump about 3 ft across filled with Ortho organic dirt.. as of 3 weeks plant is nearly 2 ft tall, trying LST ( already have it hooked 2x).

    Outdoor growing here makes the plant take a while because of so much sunlight time. right now getting 12 hours + of sunlight. usual harvest time in my area seems to be early october
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    hey guys awsome pics and awsome thread by the way we need this more often so we can help out everyone in there very own region ,keep posting!!!! and for those of you with the leaf cutter problems when its really humid and its been raining on and off all summer use rose dust its got sulphur and a few other elements in there that the lil basturds dont like and i just take give the plants a small dusting at night when its cool and the sun wont burn the sulphur on your plants and reapply after rains , it doesnt wreck your smoke by any means as your plants are young and should only need this in the first 2 or 3 weeks when they are growing from seedling to a healthy stage but try it out those lil basturds wont like it garentee
  14. Jabird

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    My first time

    First time.Tennessee.please give me honest opinions.

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  15. oldtymer

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    Ready for Harvest yet??

    Region: Northeast USA
    Landscape: Urban area/Outdoors
    Strain: 100% Indica - medijuana
    Success/Failure: Success
    Major Problem: Stunted growth - only about 5 ft tall.
    Finish Date: Any day now.......

    Comments: Are these ready for harvest? I'm a newbie, but these pics might be enough for someone to tell me if I can cut these down yet? :smokin:

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  16. oldtymer

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    Well, I cut down the larger of the two plants & drying the buds now. I had already cut a few buds about a week ago and smoked, and this is really potent! 100% pure pain relief, as advertised where i purchased the seeds (online/amsterdam). The smaller (stunted) plant will need a few more weeks. BOTH plants were crowded out by two males that were not plucked out until a few weeks ago, but still they did pretty good despite being shorter than normal (i think).
  17. Amba4MrB

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    SE UK
    6 purple haze cuttings, into peat free compost, big tubs
    2 destroyed by dog (who is now chained up till season finished)
    fed algea feed until signs of flower then changed to algea bloom.
    nipped at 2ft, then filled out great, now standing at 7ft and full of buds.
    cant post pics here yet but have in my album.
    will post further when finished.
  18. bkkbob

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    Casey Jones

    I have had some good success with the strain Casey Jones. This one plant is about 5' high and 8' wide with some sweet colas. I used the complete FoxFarm product line and have been pretty damn happy with the results. I think she's got a few weeks to go, not a single amber trichome yet....

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  19. Slothrop

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    Mile High

    Here are some clones I grew in the Denver, CO area. They are Mango, and NYC Diesel. The mango have the bright yellow leaves. Both were decent producers. All of the plants gave 1-2 1/2 ounces or so. At harvest they ranged from 2-3 feet. They were started at the end of May, which is a little late for this area.

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  20. gr8misadventures

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    Perfect height! I think I will need to try this strain next season ;o)

    Region: Southern Ontario
    Landscape: Wooded area in clearings, flat
    Breeder: Where I got my seeds? Pick N MIx
    Strain: Early Skunk & AMS
    Success/failure?: Success
    Major problem: missing leaves on all early skunk clones
    Finish date: Mid-September
    Comments: These were put out early May, harvested mid-september. AMS remained short and stocky - expected more off of it but notsomuch. Early Skunk grew over 6'. Approximate yield from 10 Early Skunk and 1 AMS was 3-4lbs dry.

    bay.jpg [/ATTACH][/ATTACH]

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