Outdoor strain successes by region- post yours!

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  1. bicflikr

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    Region: northern california inland
    Landscape: 10degree sloped 1/4 acre lots of tall pines
    Breeder: cali starts
    Strain: headband
    Success/failure?: Success
    Major problem: likes to flower early, caterpillers love this plant
    Finish date: sectioned harvest started on oct 10 ended november 15
    Comments: very fluffy, VERY large. plants flowers on early season cloudy days. can take incredible amounts of nitrogen. big thick bushy plant. in the right conditions expect 5lbs plus yeilds. my yard netted 1.5 pounds of tops and .5 pounds of small buds.
  2. bicflikr

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    Region: northern california inland
    Landscape: 10degree sloped 1/4 acre lots of tall pines
    Breeder: cali starts
    Strain: mk
    Success/failure?: Success
    Major problem: little leaf rust.
    Finish date: pulled on the 15th of october
    Comments: smaller plant grown in 25 gallon smart pot. very dense buds, works hard for you. does very well in the shade. expect a deiselly stink. yeild in the smart pot was about .5 pounds
  3. bicflikr

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    Region: northern california inland
    Landscape: 10degree sloped 1/4 acre lots of tall pines
    Breeder: cali starts
    Strain: blue dream
    Success/failure?: Success
    Major problem: not a strong plant against mites
    Finish date:late. like LATE. november 20th.
    Comments: this plant will grow a bit fluffy in shadier places. i have to say, if you want quality over quantity... abuse it. late season let it droop once or twice and it just blows out with trichomes. yeilded about .5 pounds in a 15 gallon pot (cheap plastic, not a smartpot)
  4. rja50

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    I have also heard of growers who cut sections of soda straws and split them down the side then open them up and put them around the stem like a collar. This apparently stops the bug from wrapping around the stem . Pushing it into the soil a little helps and keeps it in place..Hope this helps..: )
  5. Esteban1

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    Region: North East
    Landscape: Deck
    Breeder: Moi
    Strain: Super Skunk & unknown various strains
    Success/failure?: Success to date (2-3 weeks into flower)
    Major problem: Hermie Prevention
    Finish date: November
    Comments: grows like a weed in 5 Gallon containers. Alternate Feeds with Fox Farm nutes, Big Bloom/Tiger Bloom, teas & molasses. Any tips to prevent from "Hermies" would be appreciated. To date here's a new shot of the kids. Peace


  6. rudiepop

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    Central Florida.
    Dense thickets. Bare patches in thickets.
    White Widow Extreme. Finish late Sept.
    Chronic. Finish late Sept.
    Rainbow Kush. Finish early Oct.
    Durban Poison. Finish early Nov.
    All seeds from Amsterdam Seed Co.
    11 successful grows.
    All start May 5th to May 15th.
    All grown in ground or 5 gal buckets.
    All mostly organic.
    HST (super cropping) usually. But not so much this yr.
    Here are some pics of current grow.
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  7. outtahouse

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    U.S. Virginia
    Landscape: in backyard, next to pine tree and crepe myrtle in vegetable garden with tomatoes and bell peppers; 6+ Of sunlight from east to west.
    breeder: ??
    Strain: maybe sinsemilla
    Success: this is my second. Outdoor grow, got a female last time.
    major Problem: plant is about 6 ft tall, looks like it is beginning flower. Lots of yellow leaves at the base, soil need so be tested. Total organic gardening, no chemicals
    Finish Date: early - mid October.
    value any comments and suggestions. I'm a Grower for personal use and will try again next year. Legalize It!:leafbanner:

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  8. outtahouse

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    Wow Man, that is a beautiful outdoor grow!! Good Luck. Appreciate it if you look at picture of my outdoor grow, and share some comments and suggestions. Peace!
  9. Pakalolo Princess

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    Region: Big Island of Hawaii - east side (wet side), about 1/2 mile inland from the ocean
    Landscape: outdoors in 5 gal pots - used Foxfarm soil
    Seeds: from Herbies Headshop and Ali Bongo
    Breeder: Delicious Seeds
    Strains: Critical Sensi Star, feminized - one plant harvested June for decent yield; one plant given to friend as all seeds grew and I had more than the legal limit.
    Breeder: CBD Crew
    Strain: Medi Haze, Feminized - all of my seeds grew, so I gave this plant to a friend - I had more than the legal limit.
    Breeder: CBD Crew
    Strain: Mango Haze, feminized - harvested June with average yield
    Breeder: World of Seeds
    Strain: Strawberry Blue, feminized - harvested September with big yield
    Breeder: World of Seeds
    Strain: Afghan Kush Ryder, feminized, auto-flowering - did not grow well. Stopped growing at about 6 inches and flowered! Good herb, though! Just enough for one joint!
    Breeder: Royal Queen Seeds
    Strain: Quick One, feminized, auto-flowering - harvested in May - average yield for this plant
    Breeder: Royal Queen Seeds
    Strain: Royal Jack Herer, feminized, auto-flowering - harvested in June - good yield and awesome strain!!
    Success/failure: Success except for 2 plants which were stunted in growth and flowered after they stopped growing at 6 inches in height.
    Major problem: minor leaf cutter and dirt gnats problem - resolved with Neem oil and spray.
    Comments: My first grow! I have a brown thumb and just assumed nothing would survive. Instead I had enough buds for over a year of smoking!
  10. Dancing_Bear

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    Region: Hartford County, Connecticut,
    United States
    Landscape: Black Gold Cactus Soil
    Seeds: Canadian mystery strain (mother), Finnish mystery strain (father)
    Breeder: Myself
    Strain: Cyrus P.O.W
    Species: Sativa
    Success/failure: Success
    Problem(s): None
  11. John M.

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    Hello, I am a Michigan outdoor grower.
    I have been growing for roughly 25 yrs. This year I decided to try and grow the Monkey Paw strain. I have 12 plants going 2 are Monkey Paw, they are all in their 7th week of flowering. My question is? 1 of my monkey Paw plants hairs has already changed to red. I have no means of looking for the Amber color. I have always went by when over 75% of the hairs have changed its ready. But this one throws me off, no knowledge of how this strain grows. Is this normal? Normally my harvest wouldn't be done until mid to late October. I hate to kill it if it's not ready yet. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance..

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  12. Plumber07

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    Region: US South Western
    Landscape: 10' x 40' garden
    Breeder: Kirk
    Strain: Brutus OG x Stardawg cross
    Success/failure?: Success
    Major problem: None
    Finish date: September 27 - November 4, 2017
    Comments: Flowers look like they have been sprinkled with salt or suger.

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