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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Whitewidow89, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Whitewidow89

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    ok guys heres my plant right now she growing good and strong.
    first pic shown her body and how big she is second pic is the one of 2 seven finger leafs. she is having a tiny bug problem. any stuff i can use to get rid of them? some good stuff

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  2. Garrett

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    Isn't kind of late in the season? But I suppose growing only a couple bagseeds for beginners (as myself) would be good experince before they get around to next season.
  3. kack409

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    looking fine man, should be fine, wont get too big but she'll harvest.....keep it green......im resizing my pics and im uploading them....
  4. Whitewidow89

    Whitewidow89 Registered+

    where do you find this at and explain how to use it.
  5. brussels

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    Just one thing I might add. Thought your plant won't grow to full size with the time remaining this year, it will surely show you love if you transplant it into a much larger pot. That small pot, if not yet root bound, will certainly reach it's limit soon.

    After preparing the new larger pot with soil, wait until the soil in it's current pot is nearly dry, gently remove it, place it into the new pot. Fill the voids aroud the plant with new soil. Water the new soil in. Your plant will love you for this. I've always felt that it's best to do this late in the day near the end of it's photo period...B
  6. Find it in the garden pest section of like Walmart, Home Depo, Lowes, etc..

    Directions on the bottle
    Green Light® Liquid Insecticides.

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  7. Whitewidow89

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    i know i actually put it in a new pot after i took pictures. she is now in a 10 inch pot and hopefully loving it for new room and bigger grow. but yeah thanks thought for advise and for the neem oil
  8. FrostAie

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    dollar general buy a 1 dollar water spray bottle go home on your spice rack grab the chili or pepper powder and put a table spoon into the bottle and add water and mist the leaves works great for bugs. and is cheap
  9. Whitewidow89

    Whitewidow89 Registered+

    well this weekend i got the chance to look at her but come to find out someone found my section which i thought was impossible to find unless you flew over the area.

    both pots were dumped over with both plants gone and the water container was dumped over as well.

    animals? i dont think so...who do you think would have done this. plus ima grow inside my house during college so no biggy
  10. kack409

    kack409 Registered+

    OMG im sorry to hear that man, u must have been seen going to ur plot, i have moved mine 7 times this season....because of damn rippers, gota watch out for those man, be more careful guerilla growing in the future, but its happened to the best of us

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