Over fed weed and headaches

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by fhydro, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. fhydro

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    Hello all,
    i've been smoking my GH (over) fed weed for more than 1 month now. I say over fed because i experienced an over feeding problem during my last grow, i flushed during the grow and 1 week before harvest. I've been getting headaches, not very strong, but permanent, from the morning till the evening. My girl friend has got the same pain, and she thinks it's because of the weed, too much chemicals, she says. Do you think it's possible? Did you have similar problems already ?
  2. Zandor

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    You did not flush them out. I have never heard of that before and I have used GH for many years but I guess anything is posible. I would look for mold my self.
  3. fhydro

    fhydro Registered+

    Hi Zandor, i'm sorry but i don't understand your message completly, english is not my natural language. Why do you say i did not flush them out ? (i give the plants only PH 6 water the last 10 days) Why do you want to look for mold your self, what is the point between mold and my post ?
  4. LOC NAR1958

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    Mould can grow in your lungs and cause problems.Try to stop smoking it and maybe try something else. Some times if I smoke the same weed too long I get headaches and backaches. Maybe me but I think I keep smoking more to get the same effect and kind of OD on it. When I quit for awhile it stops.
  5. Zandor

    Zandor Registered+

    I was talking about your health, but LOC covered that. Have you dried and cured the bud? If not you could be tasting chlorophyll and that could be what is giving you the head ach.
  6. fhydro

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    I'm very surprised. So mould can grow in the lungs like on a bud or a piece of cheese? Never heard that...Have you got documentation about that ? Zandor, yes buds are dry, manicured and cured during more than one month. So chlorophyll gives headaches ? My buds are manicured but they are a little green, because of the tiny leaves covered with trichs. Do you remove all the green from your buds ?
  7. Stormcooker

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    Hi Fhydro. Sorry to hear about your headaches. Is that from smoking your skunk special? Remember how much I liked the look of those plants you grew. I started my own. The grapefruit was a great grow. I would do it again anytime. I yielded about 2.5 oz./plant. Not a lot of space to grow.

    Try flushing your next harvest with the help of GH Flora Kleen. Zandor says you can flush 4 days with it and you're done. I used it for Grapefruit. No headaches or anything.

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  8. Zandor

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    Yes mold spores can spread and some type can kill you. There is plenty of documented proof of that fact over the last 50 years so I don't think I need to surf to find a report to satisfy your curiosity I was only trying to answer your first question is all. But hay good luck with your headachs I hope they are not to bad for you then,
  9. BobBong

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    Mold doesn't grow inside your lungs, that's silly...The spores however can cause heavy respiratory problems in some people. Smoking moldy pot is even worse...since you're injesting it directly into your body.

    The strain that you grew...is it Indica or Sativa? have you smoked the strain before?
  10. fhydro

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    Hi Storm Cooker and Bob Bong. The problem is that i have 4 strains to smoke. AK47, Sensi Skunk, Skunk Special and afghani ( that i don't smoke ). All have had the same mixture which resulted too concentrated. I flushed all at least 1 week before harvest. I can't figure which one give headache or if all give headache, but maybe it's because they are all very strong, that's sure, stronger after curing in jars one month. I will survey that problem. For my actual grow, i put very less nutes and they seem to feel OK. I use my centralized bubbler system wich is 12 gallons of nutes and holds 5 AK47 topped plants. Next week i switch in 12/12.
  11. fhydro

    fhydro Registered+

    Thanks Zandor, but i did not smoke moldy buds. I harvested outdoor plants which have black mold on some buds. I won't smoke them.
  12. Joel

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    If your having such a problem, give a bowl to one of your friends and when hes done smoking it, ask him if he has a headache.

    First tell him Youll get him superstoned to try this weed lol.
  13. fhydro

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    I think i've got the answer to my problem. I just come from the doctor to complain about my headaches, and he noticed a anormal blood pressure : 17/10, which is very high. So the headaches come from the high blood pressure. But now, does very strong weed like mine ( especially AK47 ) gives high and chronical blood pressure. I read that the answer is no, but what's your opinion ? So the GH nutes is not guilty, definitly.
  14. jchap

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    last bit of weed gave me a headache, not sure what strain but it was defo the weed cause some other peeps had a headache that smoked it

    because this weed was still slightly damp i decided to cure it in a glass jar

    it got a bit mouldy so it could be that

    got some diffrent weed now but no headache thank fuck

    i was just popping headache pills everytime i had a spliff

    hey it worked just dont od on paracetamol:)
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