Ozark Mountain Daredevils & Dirt Band tonight in KC

Discussion in 'Music Room' started by Buck Rogers420, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Buck Rogers420

    Buck Rogers420 Registered+

    2 of my favorite bands in town tonight. Firecrackers made, 1 hitter full. STOKED! Any other fans out there in Cannabis Land.
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  2. tangentweed

    tangentweed Registered+

    Ooh ooh ooh Jackie Blue... love OMD

    Have a great time!
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  3. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    Wish I could go, and that is in my general neighborhood too. Buck, from comments you have made, we must not live very far apart. Have fun at the concert!
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  4. Buck Rogers420

    Buck Rogers420 Registered+

    Thanks M. Show was awesome. Each song better then the last. Ended with a medley of Will the circle be unbroken and The Wait.
    I saw you were in Sedaila. We should talk shop sometime. (I want to try some of that electric weed your growing)✌ :cool:.
    I've Been Standing On A Rock, Waiting For My Seeds TO Grow.......
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  5. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    Sedalia is close; you will have to let me know how you saw that. We get in there quite often. Got any favorite haunts around there? I am really excited how my Electric Dogfish is looking... she may end up my best ever.
  6. Buck Rogers420

    Buck Rogers420 Registered+

    I read it in a old Mo. forum.I just remembered because you sounded close.I go by there vesting friends in Warsaw and Cross Timbeby. I split time between work in the city and farm near Collins.
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  7. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    good memory then! We do indeed travel some of the same roads. We may have even waved at each other. :)
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  8. EvilCartman

    EvilCartman Registered+

    Whatever the quality of the herb, that name kicks ass. ;)
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