Ozone generator sent me to the hospital!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Bass3rd, Jan 29, 2012.

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    A few weeks ago when I purchased my grow tent, I thought I would be wise and follow some friend's advice to purchase an Ozone Generator, not only does it mask the smell coming from the room , but there's a lot of weed smoking in this house and the smell can linger around for a long time,(don't you agree?) and i got something that would do the whole house, It's been a little over 23 weeks now since I put it to work, It's at right the top of the basement stairs coming in the kitchen, my house is roughly 1400 square feet and I turned on the first time and set it on low for 1000 square foot house. It didn't even take a day the smell was gone, nonsmokers would say they couldn't smell anything, so It was working and I never touched the settings,

    for the last week I have not been feeling good, no energy, drained, tired, no appetite, nausea,,,I just sat on my fucking lazy boy chair for that week and did absolutely nothing,,I have a nurse that comes in to check on me every week and on Thursday, she took my blood pressure and it was low, pulse was racing, and for no reason at all I started sweating while she was doing her thing,,,she told me to dress up and go to the hospital NOW! I'm a cancer survivor, I already am not strong, I weigh 122lbs as of today, I didn't have the strenght to get out of my PJ's and put on something else, the ambulance was called in, after numerous tests in the emergency, they found out I had a bad case of pneumonia and when I said to them I had an ozone generator, he replied, we see a lot of cases where patients get flu or colds and can't shake it because the ozone sticks to your lungs and coats over the existing pleghm , They kept me till yesterday and gave me a bunch of antibiotics, the machine has been shut now since friday and the air is very different than what it was before,,,It actually smells better in here, so I have to find another way to control odors from my basement, smoke odor, pet odors,,,by the way, I'll be back later with new pics of my white widow and northern light,,:smokin:
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    Sorry to hear you have had such trouble. I use 2 negative ion generators. I dont believe that they produce O3 like the ozone generator.

    They only produce negative ions, whereas an ozone generator creates ozone and positive ions.

    Here is a little info I found online. I use these generators and I must say that they do work. They are plug-in generators that just sit in a socket.

    Maybe this might be a better option to ozone.

    Take Care

    Negative Ions Generator ---- VERSUS ------ Ozone
    Has an odor ------------ NO ---- YES
    Toxic in large amounts ----------- NO ---- YES
    Reduces particulates such as dust ----------- YES ---- NO
    Eliminates Odors ---------- SOME ---- BETTER*
    Freshens air ---------- YES ----- YES
    Lifts mood ----------- YES------- NO
    Counteracts positive ions -------- YES ------ NO
    Deteriorates rubber, etc. ---------- NO ------ YES
    Requires constant adjusting ------------ NO ----- YES*

    Composition A normal oxygen molecule with an extra electron A molecule of oxygen consisting of three oxygen atoms

    * If you are using ozone, the amount of ozone generated should exactly match the amount of odors or pollution entering the living area, for best results. That way, they destroy each other and neither ozone nor pollution is present. The ozone generator should be turned down or off when the odors or pollution source is no longer present.
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    How bout a large carbon filter.. Just scrubbin' the air in the room you do all the smoken' in.. Then use another in your grow..
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    if u exhaust out of your house,rip your exhust hose in half and shove it on in there,thats what i did when i lived next to cop,seal it back up with aluminum tape. they actually make models designed for that but mine is the c.a.p model and its ment to be mounted,still worked though.

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