Ozone not working, Does Ozone Kill?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by offtheradar, Jul 17, 2005.

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    I have a grow room set up in the garage which has about 15 plants and they are all about 5 weeks old. The smell is my house is just plain STRONG AS HELL!! You can smell weed in the driveway. It is nutts. I have White Widows, Durban Poison, Sex, Island Ladys and a couple from bud I bought. I bought an Ozone Generator for about $400 dollars which puts out 700 mg. I have it in the garage and it helped, but you can still smell major weed in the house. I am trading it in for a 3400 mg which is being mailed to me this week. Question is, what else can I do? Will this Ozone harm my plants? Obviously somehow the air from the garage is some how getting sucked into the house. Maybe just when I open the door and walk into the garage. I can't have anyone over to the house it is so bad...

    Also, I have a homemade grow cabinet 10x4 in the garage where my plants are growing. Should I stick the ozone generator directly in the cabinet? I just don't want to hurt my babies, I spend a lot of time with them...

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    Man the only way you are going to deal with odor from 15 plants is the carbon filter unit. You can build one or you can buy one.

    I got mine online, $395.00.....

    But you cant smell a thing anymore.

    Don't it smell good though??? :)
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    If you are using Ozone in the same room as your plants, then yes it can harm your plants. As it was said before, you need a active carbon air scrubber to deal with the odor.

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