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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by PaNheAdjay, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. PaNheAdjay

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    Hello all, I want to start out by saying what a great board this is and how much I have learned by reading through old posts.

    I am planning to do my first outdoor grow in over ten years, and on the other side of the country then I used to do back in the day so I have made some planning errors...

    unfortunatly did not do as much reasearch as I should have before buying my genetics for growing outside in Western Washington and am wondering if I should spend the money on some Early girl, Misty , Bud or Hollands Hope or are the strains I have currently going to finish early enough...

    I have a bunch of Lapiz Mountain Indica (100% afghan indica)
    I have Mandalas Safari Mix, which has a bunch of outdoor hybrids from Mandala...(not much hope there)
    and Nirvanas indoor mix, a bunch of Indica Dom Hybrids (Master Kush, Afghan, Pure Power Plant, Skunk #1, and Nirvana Special)

    so the question is ...purchase some new seed or go with what I got will any this stuff finish???

    thanks in advance for your advice
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  2. killerweed420

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    Any indicas will do fine in the nw. A portable greenhouse cover is a good idea in case temps get a little low. Sativas are harder to grow in the NW because they take so long. But again a greenhouse can help there. The old BC Big Bud has always been a nice strain for the outdoors in the NW.
  3. PaNheAdjay

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    thanks KW420...I hope youd chime in...almost everything I have has a good amount of Indica so maybe I'll just go with it see how they do. I thought I would be ok until I read some threads that were talking about Kushes that didnt finish last year and I started second guessing my coursework...

    when do you usually bring your seedlings outside around here? mid april?
  4. brebakes

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    kw420 is dead on right--indica loves the weather-even the cold to some extent. I would avoid kush strains, as the moisture causes mold, mildew and blight in them--unless you want to devote your bulk of time "cleaning out the stems"--every day !! Not my bag ! You should do great and the best to ya !:thumbsup:
  5. killerweed420

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    April maybe a little early. Depends on what kind of a year were having. If you can cover them if the temps start getting below 45 or so you should be ok.
    They usually take longer to grow outdoors than they do indoors too so take that into consideration. It really is a good idea here in the NW to have a way of covering. Ecspecially during the end when the buds are getting nice and full. They're more suseptible to bud rot then.
  6. PaNheAdjay

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    thanks for the suggestions!! I will wait until may... I will have to figure out a semi stealth way to do the cover up... I plan on interspercing them in my forested 5 acre back yard and they will blend in nice with the ferns and evergreens but the tarps might be asking a bit much...
  7. killerweed420

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    It also helps late in the season to cover them with a real dark tarp too to get a 12/12 cycle going to finish them up. A good camo tarp would work good. They blend in nicely with small pine trees if you have any around.

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