paid 20$ to get high once....

Discussion in 'Experiences' started by mtk92, Jun 28, 2017.

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    ronted 20$ to a friend's neighbor , under the impression i was going to get a gram. i give her the cash at noon and she says she'd be heading out by 3. Ok cool, 3 o clock rolls around and guess what? ill probly be having to wait till tomorrow cause her guy is going through another guy who's dicking him around. Now at this point i should of pulled out and asked for a refund. But like the fool i am i went along with it cause i really had noone else to go through at the time. The next day rolls around, I contact her again. Tells me she's at the guy and for some reason he only has 35$ moonrocks all of a sudden?

    having no other choice i agreed,that night i picked up a teeny tiny little moonrock which was just big enough to fill a bowl. and she said her guy would drop off a few extra nugs the following day as a courtesy. Tommorow comes and of course her dude is suddenly dry and wont have shit anytime soon. I accepted this whole offer under the impression i was gonna be compensated the next day and now all i got was excuses. I finally threw my hands in the air and walked away from the situation when she started acting like her guy was being some kind of martyr for dropping off a few more little nugs to complete the kind of order i intended to make in the first place.

    It all serves me right i guess
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    Sounds like a great reason for growing your own. yah?
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  3. mtk92

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    Thats what im in the process of actually, plants have already sprouted. Just gotta transfer them to a better pot at some point.

    But ya the only reason i even went along with that joke of a deal was because i really thought i was gonna get dropped off some extra as a courtesy of her guy. So ya dunce caps for me.....
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    welp guess you learned ya lesson bro lol.

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