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Discussion in 'Edibles' started by thcjunkie, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. thcjunkie

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    Im 52 and in a wheelchair.I have chronic pain in my legs and feet.I have seen Yak cannabis capsules online.Has any one used these or any thing for successful pain relief?
  2. Shovelhandle

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    I have not seen or tried capsules. I have found that smoke was very helpful for my back spasms.
  3. Heartbreaker85

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    Never tried capsules myself however I have a friend who did try them once and swore by them for pain relief so it could be something to look into. Smoking has been the most affective I method for pain relief that I have known though.
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  4. painretreat

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    Unfamiliar with Yak..
    Since you are in a w/c I'd suggest Rick Simpson Oil or other ingested concentrates..not for a pain here and there, take it for long term pain relief and titrate the dose to one that is just effective for the pain. It should help with the neuropathic pain as well, if you have that too!
    Good Luck and hope you find the correct dose and concentrate to help your issues.:Rasta: pr
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  5. I don't have the right apparatus to make the oil. My favorite pain morsel is mixing product w/ Nutella, heat in microwave about 15-20 seconds (for oils to mix in w/ product), and spread on a graham cracker. Works well! Just a 1/4 cracker (like a sandwich s'more...nutella infused/graham that's relief!
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  6. Lauriegirl

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    Have you tried tinctures? Here is a 2 week recipe,
    Fill jar 3/4 full of bud
    Fill jar the rest of the way with strong alcohol (leave 1 inch from to so you can shake it)
    Shake twice daily for 2 weeks

    Use 1-2 drops under the tongue or just in mouth until you find your stregth, relief will be practically instant. Use more if needed.
  7. AlisonDiaz

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    I'm not familiar with capsules but my aunt who were suffering from arthritis is seeking pain relief through vaporizing cannabis. Indeed, it help her a lot as it ease the pain that she feels.

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