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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Thedingus, Apr 1, 2008.

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    I rarely smoke.. maybe 10- 15 times in my whole life, if not.. less.. i smoked out of a bong ( i usually dont ) and the bottom line is i smoked too much than i could handle, and i wasnt used to it. I coughed for almost 2-3 minutes straight and it scared the shit out of me.. when i was calm the high finally hit me and i felt like everything was moving really fast and my heart beat raised and i kept asking my friends "am i gonna be alright", "when does this go away?".. i was so afraid and felt so horrible that i wanted to kill myself.. if i was close enough to a knife i would have.

    The thesis of this uninteresting story is that i freaked out from this experience, eventually passed out .. woke up and i felt almost normal.. but i felt kind of dizzy and my thoughts were very blank.. this "cloudy/ blank thought process / dizzy" feeling people tell me is called being "burnt".. if this is true, then why have i felt like this for the past 2 days? nothing feels real, and i feel like everything is weird and diferent.. i keep thinking im "retarded" and that im afraid i'll stay this way, but... i can function correctly ( drive etc) (sometimes i nthe past 2 days i have froze and been confused but midly and probabley because im making my mind into a bigger deal than it is

    Ive come to the conclusion maybe im just paranoid? i have read sympthoms of paranoia and how weed and open your mind up to some certain mental illness's.. has this happened to me? is it possible im permantly like this? Will a sauna sweat some of the toxins out of my body? (probabley way off idea).. Can someone please give me a true, helpfull answer?
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    Hello Thedingus and welcome to

    What you experienced was not that unusual and the main thing you need to know is that you won't suffer any long-term effects and in a couple of days you should be perfectly OK and back to normal :)

    There are no toxins to wash out so don't worry about that! Drink plenty of water and get some exercise you will feel 100% better in a couple of days.
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    If you have normally smoked joints then you probably would take a small amount of smoke in - its easier for you to control.

    With a bong you take in a LOT of smoke and its concentrated. Even if you cough you have already absorbed a lot of the active compounds within the smoke - like THC. You are already on your way to absorbing a lot of the good stuff all in one go.

    Your lungs will feel like they want to expand? Right? and you then begin to cough out of control. Your lungs become irritated and produce mucus - this makes you hack and cough some more!

    Then your blood pressure probably shot right up and it freaked you out - so your pulse starts racing and you begin having a panic attack. This isn't that unusual if you smoke too much - especially if you smoke it in a short period.

    But the effects are short-lived and if anything I bet you won't do it again in a hurry ;) You just need to take it easy and find your own pace - remember that all weed is different and it affects different people in different ways. Just because a 'friend' thinks it isn't strong - doesn't mean you will.
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    for awhile i would have panic attacks, i got this crazy idea that my teeth were going to fall out and then i'd constantly be thinking about it, wiggling with my tongue, looking at the mirror.... and this went on for a few weeks. not everytime i smoked but maybe 40-50%
    eventually i realized that it was all in my head. I brush my teeth everyday so no reason for them to fall out. one i got my smarts back, they went away.

    i think that b/c you don't smoke that often or much, you just got blazed more than before. obviously that can be a 'trip' once you get used to it, you'll be gravy
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    To delta9uk:

    Is it normal after 3 days ( today) to still be dizzy sometimes? i perceive things diferently.. and it seems like my thoughts are kind of "blank". This shouldnt last longer than 3 days? i think it could be these are synthoms of paranoia.. becasue i've read that Thc can open doors to mental illnesses? thanks for replying i appreciate your help,

    thanks, TheDingus
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    I really think you're just trippin yourself out. Sure, everyone's had a panic high at one point or another... it's similar (but different!) to how sometimes a drunk person can get really violent, but usually they're just loud and goofy. Usually people that are high are just spaced out or hungry, sometimes though there's a panic. Just relax and go for a run or something.

    The stuff you read about drugs making people crazy is kind of bunk science. It's impossible to say why peoples' underlining mental conditions come up at different times, but those conditions were there all along, not caused by drugs. I've read the research on the 'link' between schizophrenia and cannabis, and even the papers say that cannabis did not cause the mental condition, it's not a provable hypothesis. :cool:
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    Man... after the very first time i got high (VERY high, BTW), i felt weird, "different", for about one week after it... as you said youre not used to smoke, its perfectly normal to feel this way. No need to worry about mental illnesses... you wont become crazy after only one bong hit, no matter what you heard about it... (reefer madness lol).
    The THC is stored in the fat of the body, so whenever we burn fat the THC stored in it is released. It explains why many people feel its effects for a long time after smoking.
    So, dont worry, and mainly, enjoy that you can get this high with so few weed... many of us (if not all of us) would love to have a tolerance as low as yours... cause having to smoke one entire joint to feel only buzzed is not nice... :jointsmile::Rasta::thumbsup:

    EDIT: 1900th post!
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    I have researched it inthe past 3 days about the THC staying in the system and how any trace of it can trigger a mental illness that you may already have (someone above mentioned how it does not create the mental illness) but it has been shown to trigger it..

    More importantly, i've also read how thc is stored in fat cells.. would running/maybe being in a sauna release the THC so i can stop getting this "weird" feeling throughout the day were speaking of? or would it just cause me to panic again? heh,

    thanks for the replys guys :)
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    Chill out dude, you just had some damn good stuff by the sounds. It's possible that the THC does not like you or rather you don't like it but I can say for sure it's not the weed, maybe something else was already wrong with you, maybe you are already crazy :) just joking but don't panic to some people it can produce some sort of hang over if you had some good stuff and were not used to it, so just sit back and keep doing what you would normally do and it will pass and maybe next time just have 1 cone and leave it at that. My wife tryed some last year, i rolled her a joint and said now just have a bit...ok she said yeah what ever. I went and cooked some meat on the BBQ and by the time i got back to her she was already saying she thinks she is having a heart attack eheheh i was rolling around on th floor it lasted for 24 hrs before she even felt anywhere near normal an actually lasted for 3 days before she said she feels fine. Yeah and she no longer smokes :)

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    Well... running or doing any other physical exercise which need a lot of energy, enough to force you to burn fat, will also release the THC stored in the fat. But this released THC will find its way to your brain, so while running you may feel stoned again... not as much as when you did smoke, but surely more "weird" than you get usually. Anyway, doing so the THC will be released way faster than if you dont exercise and just wait it to wear off by itself.
  11. jamesia

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    Sure THC can trigger a mental condition, but you have to keep in mind that anything can trigger a mental condition. It's a non-point to make. If a person actually has an underlining mental condition, it will make itself apparent at some point in their life... and it's impossible to say what thing will actually trigger it. This is just pro-drug war peoples' way of getting people afraid of smoking pot, plain and simple.

    A commute to work one day may in fact be stressful enough to trigger an underlining mental illness. Are you planning on never going to work again now that you know that? I wish I never had to! :D
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    OK - lets clear a couple of things up.

    When you use weed you will end up metabolising THC (and a lot of other stuff) and those metabolites can stay in your blood for days. That doesn't mean that those metabolites get you high though ;)

    I smoke a fair bit, about a gram a day. NO schwag passes these lips either - so its nice herb. I would likely fail a blood/piss test for the best part of 90 days if I quit right now.

    So after a good smoke session YES you could still have some metabolites in your system. However what I would guess is that this is more like hypertension. You are worried something is wrong and this might be affecting/causing your symptoms.

    I have spent some time with people who have really smoked too much weed. One person accused me of "spiking" their weed LOL - it was just nice weed and it was a bit "too nice" for them.

    Over the past 10 years of smoking (make that 13 :stoned:...) I have seen people fall over, be sick, cry, wet themselves, faint and even speak in a different language. But not once did I see someone smoke a bong and then suddenly develop schizophrenia.

    I do have a friend who was sectioned by the Mental Health Act - but he was already half-gone before he even took his first drag on a joint.

    I'm not trying to be a smartass though - if you have a history of mental illness or some family connection then talk to a healthcare professional. Almost everyone on this board will tell you its in your head - BUT you are the only person who knows what is in YOUR head.

    You have just put your brain into a significantly altered state - you didn't have such a good time of it either and this is probably your brain trying to re-enforce that whole "shit dude, don't do that again, mmmkay?" idea, it's self-defence of the brain!

    Sometimes people forget what having a low tolerance is like
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    I also have very dulled thinking patterns the day after smoking heavily. This used to worry me enormously, for this reason I only smoke occaisionally and as a result have an amazing time every time I do. I reccomend this for you if you choose to smoke again, some of us are simply more sensitive to drugs than others (which as has been mentioned is not a bad thing). But I wouldn't worry, the effects won't last :hippy:

    But it is an interesting point you have raised, I am very interested to know how many others have dulled thinking the day after smoking.
  14. Delta9 UK

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    Totally depends on several factors

    #1 How much sleep you had
    #2 Quality of sleep
    #3 Volume smoked/how late etc
    #4 Strain

    On #4 I find Sativa's will cause more of a 'burnout' feeling the next day if over-indulged. If I smoke a 100% Sativa then I sometimes even wake-up earlier than I normally would. Something like Jack Herer - that shit can wake you up like coffee.

    Smoking Indicas though - different story, I get a much more groggy / dulled feeling. Most of the weed in the UK is (unfortunately for my tastes) Indica dominated - but I much prefer a high % Sativa. Afghani strains for example do this to me.

    Then again a lot of people can't smoke 100% Sativas as they Wig Out or throw Whiteys.
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    musta been some good weed, you'll be fine looks like your just tripping yourself out just go with the flow
  16. SFGurrilla

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    When I first started smoking a friend of mine left a pipe and some really skunk ass weed at my house, he called me and said I could have it. I took one little hit right before I went out to the cancer walk with this girl heather and got completely lost even know I was with her. I remember feeling completely drunk out of my mind but there was no drunk feeling, it was such an intense high. My heart would beat out of my chest and thats all I would hear or feel accept for the voice faintly around me everywhere. I used to trip out so bad but after about a year of smoking so much its called down a lot. I can actually function and control it and use it as a tool. Weeds a life experience through another perspective the drug allows you to see. You can do what you want with it but you always have to think positive for the good effects to come. Don't think its going to be forever with that feeling you get.
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    I've tripped out a few times. Although I knew it was just weed and I would be fine. So that helped me a lot with calming down.

    The very first time I ever smoked I tripped out. I smoked a few bowls of some dank nuggets. So I was ripped out of my mind. Everything seemed like it was happening three times. (best way I can explain it) I freaked out for a bit but I wasn't to the point of doing anything irrational. Although it seemed as though I was high until halfway through my day at work the next day. Luckily I didn't have to sell any guns that day.

    There was one other time where I felt high the next day from smoking. It seemed to last until around 5pm the next day. Which wasn't so bad, cause that day I went to a movie with my friend.

    That was back when I first started though. I don't think I could get that high again if I tried. Well, unless these capsules are as good as everyone says. Sucks trying to find bud around here. Not to mention it's 60 bucks for some average dank.
  18. Thedingus

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    I think most of you are right.. that its all in my head.. its all ive bee nthinking about for 4 days straight or so.. i've calmed down a bit and i've read up that pot (thc) is not water soluble(meaning its fat soluble)and they can stay in your body for weeks; Your brain is 60% fat.

    again.. i'm hoping this is just in my mind.. im "paranoid about being paranoid" im just a very worried person to begin with i guess, i just feel like i have blank thoughts..

    thanks for replying everyone...
    --delta9 uk youv been very informative thankyou.
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    Don't worry man, it happens to everyone, I haven't smoked in a long time because of it actually, I suffer from chronic severe panic/anxiety, and I was using it to see if I could start using it medicinally, I never had smoked it and heard horror stories like most. First time I smoke it I was so scared my hands shaked while I held the pipe haha, an hour later I was not shaking and was having a wonderful time, that month was the most relaxing month I've ever had, I even went to the doctor's office and my blood pressure and heart rate had gone down to normal stats. Anyways, one night I couldn't sleep, it was like 5 am, I decided hey I'll smoke some, well I had been using a pipe and wanted to try and smoke a joint, this was very good weed, I ended up smoking a bowl (keep in mind I had only taken a hit and then let it chill for awhile and was stoned just from that,) so anyways, I smoked a bowl, then smoked 3/4 of a joint all in about 10 minuted, BAD IDEA. I was all of a sudden very relaxed, too relaxed, my breathing slowed and I was suddenly staring blankly at my lighter as I laid back in my bed, all of a sudden I lost conciousness, I awoke to what seemed like the worst panic attack I've ever had at it's very peak, and that peak lasted 2 HOURS. I went from holding my neck trying to feel my heart rate (my fiance said I was grabbing my neck so tight I almost passed out,) to puking all over my bed, and then claiming I was dying and my blood pressure was dropping, and I needed an ambulance, after about 2 hours like I said, I finally drifted off to sleep, it was by far the most horrifying experience I have ever had, and I'm sure it was because I not only smoke too much but was and still am on Klonopin for m anxiety, it was an ok mix if done in decent doses but with a high dose I wigged. Anyways, I got over it in a day or so, and now I'm trying to decide if I want to try weed again for my anxiety since I'm getting off the klonopins or Buspar for anxiety. That experience makes me never want to touch it again but before it happened it was the cure I had always looked for. Anyways, you'll be totally fine man, best of luck.
  20. Thedingus

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    thanks everyone for replying, and id like you all to know i researched all of this for days and i suffer from derealisation now.. its a mental illness that "feels weird" and it feels like nothing is real.. or disconnected. This is how i feel every now and then. The Smoking ingredients itself (THC) didnt do this, it was the panic attack that caused this to happen that triggered it. This is a horrible, life changing almost ruining experience. And possibly the worst scariest thing that has ever happend to me. Im not crazy or lost my mind, i found out i just have this mental illness.. I guess it really is "all in my head".

    I guess this is the side of pot nobody ever mentioned to me...

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