Panic!? Flowering female with male seed pods??

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by PsyTrance, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. PsyTrance

    PsyTrance Registered+

    Just noticed these "pods" on one of my flowering females?:(

    Any ideas if its a male? I dont see how it can be as its flowering lots of white whispy things!



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  2. stoned raiders

    stoned raiders Registered

    I am somwhat a newb, but i have done lots of research and am on my way in growing (no where near as far as yours) but i think this plant looks a like lot a hermi. Cuz i can see the bitch in it and a fucking dick. well i hope its not but i really do think it is, unless i am stupid which i hope i am for ur sack atleast.
  3. PsyTrance

    PsyTrance Registered+

    I just checked my other female and I think they could be flowers before they open (before the white whispy stuff comes out lol).

    If its a hermie what do I do? Kill it? :(
  4. phillykid

    phillykid Registered+

    kill her unless u want a bunch of seeds.
  5. Dazed4now

    Dazed4now Registered+

    its not the flowers before they open its male sacks

    dont kill her, take some trimming scissors and cut off all the sacks off anywhere on the plant even if u must sacrifice a branch or 2 its worth it for some sensi
    do this now before its to late
  6. Racerx

    Racerx Registered+

    yes, its a hermi, but you can often salvage the plant and cut its balls off. However you need to closely monitor because you risk pollinating your entire crop if one of those pods opens.
  7. PsyTrance

    PsyTrance Registered+

    Thanks all for advice. Have removed the male sacks (there were only a couple of bunches on my area) and am keeping the plant separate until I can be sure no more are going to grow:)

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