paroxatine ssri cannabis interaction?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by braindamaged, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. braindamaged

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    I have had a very bad experence smoking skunk daily whilst on paxil (paroxatine), I have did this for a couple of years and its left me in a real bad state. My memory is shot to bits I can not remember anything or concertrate, I feel like a total vegitable in a constent daze with terable anxiety. Wrting this is even difficult, please excuse its taking me ages. Don't take these two drugs togheter, its a combo thats really messed me up. I stoped a couple of years ago and have not got better. I don't know if the two have interacted but a feel a shell of my former self, I even strugle to speak as my speach is slured. I feel real brain dameged and slow, I used to be real sharp. I just thought I should warn others. Carful doing paxil and cannabis (skunk) its left my brain battered and damaged.
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  2. beachguy in thongs

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    Seeing how all the effects of smoking weed are "non-toxic", I don't think they are interracting directly. Your stuff is supposed to make you drowsy, right? And impotent?

    One side effect is nausea and weed destroys intruders in your stomach. Your stuff will also give you dry-mouth, so I suppose your mouth will be pretty comfortable (for me to have a seat on so I don't sit on anything wet).

    But, I guess having a powerful drug, like Paroxycane or whatever, for two years, will screw you up having other drugs, like marijuana, interract with them.
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  3. lemonboy

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    You have to really watch yourself when starting an SSRI or similar medication. Watch your personality closely for negative changes and report them to your doctor immediately. There are lots of choices when it comes to SSRIs. It is worth trying a few of them if Paxil doesn't work for your or causes side-effects.

    I can't agree with your warning against using cannabis on Paxil. One bad experience does not medical advice make.
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  4. plumberperry

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    Paxil and Pot

    I have been taking Paxil for 4-5 years , and smoke daily. I have never had any bad reactions other than anxiety, but I don't believe that has anything to do with the combination of the two.I just am prone to anxiety, wich is why I started taking Paxil to begin with.
  5. braindamaged

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    I just thought I should warn others, so they don't end up as slow, confused and terrafied all the time as me. I found another post on the internet a while ago from another Seroxat (paroxetine) and pot user who described the same experience as me. If there are others out there who have had a this experience with paxil and weed I urge you to post if you are able so it at least becomes known as been posible. I would hate to think of other skunk users who are on ssri meds ending up like me.
  6. Stoner Shadow Wolf

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    do you still smoke pot, or do you still take paxil, or have you quit both?
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  7. CloudyDay

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    The effects of all drugs are toxic
    Thats why they call them intoxicants.
    They are toxic on your nerves and make you feel
    like shit if you do too many.
  8. CloudyDay

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    Watch you personality closley for any negative changes
    and report them to your doctor immediatly!
    HA ha hahha ah haha haa h ahh ahhahaha ha ha ha
    Then what ? your doctor tells you "your are a junkie
    with a negative personality " go get some counciling"
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  9. myrosiedog

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    I had a horrible paxil experience and I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone. HOwever, I know others that take it.

    If I were you, I'd ask the dr. to give me something different and get off the paxil.
    One month after getting off paxil, I was back to normal, but my memory is still affected and its a year later.

    Paxil was bad for me. Each individual reacts differently to the different anti-depressants. I take Wellbutrin now. I know those that can't take it.

    I was taking paxil for panic disorder and it made it worse. So try something else or get off of it completely.
  10. kikilou

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    stupid move!

    i recently upped my paroxetine to 60mg, i dont smoke cannibis much at all, but wednesday and thursday night i had 2/3 drags on a neat spliff. later on the thurday i started to tick and twitch, i must admit it was hilarious at the time and i couldnt stop laughing, which seemed to make me twitch and tick more, even my partner was laughing at how funny it was. it lastesd about an hour. the next day however was very frighteneing. i seemed to be switching personalities, my partner had taken the dog for a walk mid evening and i decided to cook for a party, i filled the oven full of food and rearranged the house. although i knew we wernt having a party, i couldnt stop myself, it is now saturday and i am still switching moods, swearing when i no i shouldnt, and my poor partner is struggling with me. im also finding this very hard to write, as i keep forgetting what iv written, i am hoping and praying this wears off. i am not mad, its only a reaction to weed and paroxetine, it is however very frightening, and i feel as though im losing my mind. if only i had seen this article above last week, i would be able to go and drive to see my son now. but i cant drive cos im stupid!!

    im very angry with myself!!
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  11. Purple Daddy

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    WOW, talk about ancient threads?

    Dr's swear by these medications but IMO they are poison.

    I read the side effects and begin experiencing all of them!
  12. painretreat

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    kikiloo-your experience may be different than one in original thread. It is possible that your bud was harvested early and caused a bit of a "different" experience. Hopefully, it will wear off and you will get with a Dr. and decide on one medication or the other! PR Good luck to you, keep us posted.
  13. kayle

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    I dont think it is safe. I smoked some loud and was fine then in like 20 minutes i took my pill and i smoked mid and freaked out. Time slowed way down to the point i was blacking out. i didnt know if anything was real. I kept asking my boyfriend if he was real and if this was real life. I felt like i was dying. i was breathing heavy and having a panic attack. It lasted for a few hours. When i was on the way home his mom bought me nachos to help and i couldnt see the whole time in the car and i made a mess. it was not fun and it continued to happen when i smoked. it wasnt always that bad but if i got anxious it could get there. i take generic paxil for anxiety and depression and the bottle now says to not smoke weed with it. At first i thought it was my birth control but it was that.
    whenever i want to smoke now i just take my pills hours later when im not high anymore. though i still freak out a bit if i get anxious i guess because im scared of it happening again. This happened like 5 times atleast two of those times were severe and the scariest thing ive ever experienced.

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