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    This method is not fool proof, but does have a very high(90%+) success rate.

    THC metabolites are stored in the cortex of the hair strand. The cortex is protected by a layer of scales called the cuticle. To strip the metabolites from the cortex, the cuticle needs to be opened and penetrated.

    Basics open the cuticle due to their PH levels above 7. Baking soda, bleach, and ammonia are all are strong basics that help to open the cuticle.

    Shampoos like Toxin Wash and Zydot contain strong stripping agents, that combined with bleaching and redying yield a very high success rate in passing hair tests.

    I think going to a pro is best for bleaching and redying, but it can be done at home.

    The basic plan is to bleach and redye twice. Use a 40 volume peroxide bleach. Ignore the hair pros and sign a waiver if needed. I think washing out the bleach and the dye with a very strong shampoo like Toxin Wash works best. The second bleach and redye should be done at least 10 days after the last session of herb. If you have little or no clean time, the last bleach and redye should be done as close to the test as possible.

    The day of the test make a thick baking soda paste and massage it into your hair. Then do a full TW treatment and then a full Zydot treatment. These two shampoos compliment each other.

    Good luck, almost everyone who does this passes...


    I have no experience with them, but some people have had success with hair relaxers and perm treatments. These products contain propylene glycol and ammonia, which are proven to open the cuticle and reduce metabolites. I'd wash with TW or another good shampoo after treatment.

    There is a common misconception that AloeRid Shampoo helps to pass a test. It does nothing. It is the discontinued AloeRid Treatment that contained a high propylene glycol content, and was effective.

    There is a treatment program called the Macujo Method. It works for some people, especially those with thin light hair, or low levels of usage. It does not work well for heavy users with little clean time. It did not work at all for me.

    Best of luck to all--Jerry G
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    Good Shit Jerry... We should make this a sticky! A hair testing thread would definitely be very informative to everyone. :thumbsup:
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    Good stuff Jerry G. 2 vote's sticky.. Thanks..:thumbsup:..:smokin:..:stoned:
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    Great information. Sticky worthy I think :thumbsup:
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    can i clean the results of one spliff out my hair?

    i had'nt smoked for years but had one single spliff at the beginning of march.would you believe i now have to have a hair test(possibly going back 6 months).
    what shall i do to guarantee passing the test?
    my hair is natural black (afro carribean)
  6. therealme1963

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    does anyone know where to buy toxin wash in the uk? or can i use zydot all the way?
  7. Jerry G

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    Hair tests go back three months, and one use should not show up...
  8. Jerry G

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    A very strong swimmers shampoo could sub for the TW...
  9. hitsfromtheb0ng

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    Would Paul Mitchell 3 be a good shampoo to use after the bleaching sessions?
  10. Jerry G

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    Better than nothing for sure...
  11. hitsfromtheb0ng

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    I essentially have everything, hydrogen peroxide, a shampoo to use afterwards. Although I probably need to refine my tecnique. Can Zydot only be found in headshops? I'd like to purchase it and be safe rather than sorry.
  12. Jerry G

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    Many shops have it, also try zydot dot com
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    yea i had my test today... 92 days clean i bleached with 20 volume and dyed it ... and used clarifying shampoo and moisturizing condtiioner now im waitin my results from pschemedics lab
  14. hitsfromtheb0ng

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    I guess the same can't be said for Toxin Wash and finding it in stores. They're killing me with shipping prices. What is this about the 20 volume and 40 volume hydrogen peroxides? The bottle I bought mentions nothing of this.
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    my hair stylist told me 20 volume because my hair is a light color ... no need to use 40 and have the possibility of losin my hair ... the volumes u can go by ur hair color .. if your a dark like black then use for to strip it obviously if youre lighter then use a lower volume
  16. hitsfromtheb0ng

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    I have dark hair, so I need the volume 40. Where do I find the different strengths? I only found one bottle no volume amount on it, just regular hydrogen peroxide.
  17. Trippy420

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    try searching the internet... if u have a friend or no a hair stylist let them do it for ya they no what there doing ....
  18. hitsfromtheb0ng

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    So regular hydrogen peroxide is not strong enough?
  19. Jerry G

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    40 volume peroxide bleach can be purchased at ant beauty supply store.
  20. Trippy420

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    some places sell 40 volume...... all of them do sell 30 volume but like i said depending on how dark your hair is go with the higher volume

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