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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Jerry G, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Jerry G

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    I'd agree if we were using this product for its' intended purpose.

    But, we are trying to destroy thc metabolites, and my belief is that stronger is better...
  2. Trippy420

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    yea i deffinetly agree with you jerry on u wantin to kill the thc the strongest... my professional hair stylist told me 20 volume was fine so i went with her.. but yea ur info deff helps

    REEFERSTAR1 Registered

    tryin this method this week tomarrow first bleach

    i will be trying this method tomarrow,have evrything ready to go i plan on doing every step as described right down to the bakingsoda.i have been clean for 14 days now. man the first few where rough lol , i plan on taking test within 1 day after th 21st missing 420 but not my birthday wich is 30th so ill party twice as hard then i plan on posting each time i do a step so expect post tomarrow and early next week i hope this works but i will let all know results pass or fail so thank jerry g for awesome info:thumbsup::jointsmile:
  4. Trippy420

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    yea man good luck yo ya..... let us no your results

    REEFERSTAR1 Registered

    di first bleach then redyed the color matches perfectly no burns no nothin i just have to wait till they call me then i will do second bleaching and this will be over :thumbsup:
  6. Trippy420

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    yea man.. just if u used 40 volume try and use it as far apart of a time frame that u can.. because if u use it like 2 days after u first bleached ur hair u can lose all your hair... but yea use the baking soda paste and zydot / tw and u should be fine bro good luck

    REEFERSTAR1 Registered

    thanks alot trippy i used last night and they said they would call the 21st for sure so i imagine they want to get it done asap so if i have to go next day i will have atleast 6 days if they tell me later i will wait till night before and yes i did use 40 volume a little dye leaked but not much no one noticed anything today until i said something about it but i really appreciate the help and info from u and jerry g by the way have u gotten results back for yours i hope u passed :jointsmile:
  8. Trippy420

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    yea man i passed no problem however my hair is a lighter color lol ... but i cant wait to start my job the 28th... and im sure u will be fine ... and hey i dont mind helpin any one out since i was helped out .... gotta give props to jerry g and fbr them guys should be in hightimes just for the face they know what there talking about :thumbsup::stoned:
  9. vegas2772

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    Has anybody else tried this method? Did it work for you?
  10. THCdnpn

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    i REALLY don't want to subject my hair to that if its not necessary, is there anything else you would recommend for me?

    also, for this particular shampoo that works.. from what i can gather
  11. jma4562

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    hey quick question about the baking soda you rinse and then apply the TW and zydot or leave it in and then apply the shampoos on top of that?
  12. Deige

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    You know, he doesn't really specify in this thread. My honest opinion would be either. I can't imagine it making much of a difference.
  13. deadbeat776

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    dont use clarifying treatment before bleach!!!!!!!

    i have like 2nd degree burns on my head because of clarifying so much then bleaching blisters on my ears and head
    and a had a pro bleach it i should prolly sue or somthing
  14. funtimesnbn

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    Jerry G Method

    So I'll be called in for a test any day I am pretty sure, a hair folicle, I haven't smoked in at least 4 months, however, I have taken aderral and lortabs occassionally, when I have taken them I hit em pretty hard, will this method work for those substances and is there a bit more detail on how to perfom the steps, especially being I may only have a few days to prepare?

    Thanks a bunch
  15. AmIGonnaFail

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    If you haven't smoked for 4 months you should be fine because hair tests only cover a 3 month period. The only time I have heard of a hair test going back further was in the case of Shannon Matthews in UK, a child who's hair was tested back 2 years - but this was a very, VERY different thing.

    Also, I dunno what those things are that you said you took but you're only supposed to talk about cannabis, BurntToast is gonna put the funny yellow policeman on if ur not careful!! You really can't talk about other drugs here cause people are here to try and pass cannabis tests and other conversations will confuse everybody and make everybody read more irrelavant info to get to their answers - which nobody wants.
  16. jwine76

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    I have a possible hair test in maybe 2 months for a gov't job. I am a heavy smoker for 15 years. I am down for all the bleaching and redyeing processes. I get the whole toxin/omni/zydot wash treatment in conjunction with the bleaching processes. My question is this? I quit and use one of those 7 day cleansers to speed things up, then I cut my hair real short. my hair grows somewhat quickly so i feel i could grow the 1-2 inches needed for the test in 2 months. use some tw or omni a few times, maybe some zydot on the day of the test. but wouldn't i then be growing clean fresh hair at some point within a few weeks of quitting?
    Don't get me wrong I'll do the jerry g method to a t. i gotta pass. i am just trying to explore options since i might have more time.
  17. Deige

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    THCA stops depositing into the hair 2-3 days after your last smoking session. All new hair growth after this time will be clean. Average human hair grows 1\2 inch per month and you have two months. That's an inch of clean hair growth on your head and most testers look for atleast 3\4 of an inch on the head to test. Anything shorter and they will be taking it from another part of your body.

    I suggest that you stop smoking right now. Wait 10 days and shave your head. You should have enough hair to meet the requirements at test time. This method will keep you from having to do any kind of hair treatments or bleach and redyes.

    Also, Ive heard nothing good about the 7 day cleansers. They are known to be a waste of money and sticking with bleach and the Zydot/Toxin wash shampoos are a much better idea.
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  18. jwine76

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    Thanks for the response.
    I was only going to shave my head with a #2 electric razor at the barber shop. I wasn't going to do the bic and shaving cream.
    Will a #2 buzz cut be short enough?
    all in all i might have to the jerry g method because I might not have enough time. i'll see how it plays out.
    Thanks for your help.
  19. jwine76

    jwine76 Registered

    one other thing, if i quit and cut my hair short should I still be doing the baking soda /omni/tw/zydot wash on the day of the exam?
  20. Deige

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    As I said before, THCA stops depositing 2-3 days after your last smoking session, allowing all new hair growth to be clean. This clean hair will not have to be treated at all.

    Not sure how short a #2 guard is but its probably not short enough. You'll have to use your best judgment and do your math on hair growth and what you think will be short enough after ten days of sobriety. A little dirty hair will not hurt or fail you.

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